• Where can I play Alien Worlds and earn Trilium and NFTs?
    You can play, earn Trilium and NFTs at play.alienworlds.io
  • When is Alien Worlds going to be released?
    Alien Worlds is being built in stages – our Star Route shows what’s coming up.
    Trilium and the core NFTs have been created, along with Planetary smart contract accounts; we have had two successful pack sales and two more are coming up shortly.
    After this we will release the user interface which will allow you to mine and stake.
  • How do I get Land?
    The only way to get Land is in the Land Sale starting 4 December 2020 (pre-orders will be available in the days before). The sale and pre-orders will be at https://unbox.alienworlds.io/
    Read more about the Land Sale
  • What is the eosDAC sale?
    It’s our next NFT pack sale happening over 36 hours, starting 1300 UTC on 20 November 2020, with preorders available now at https://unbox.alienworlds.io/
    You can only pay with EOSDAC tokens in this sale. Read more here.
  • Where can I find updates about Alien Worlds?
    Our Telegram and Discord communities are active and friendly – you can always find out more and chat there. Otherwise, our Medium and Twitter post news first and you can sign up for our newsletter.
  • I may have got an Ethereum Promo Pack, how do I check?
    We dropped promo packs onto about 6,000 accounts from Ethereum communities we know will love Alien Worlds (RARI, Gods Unchained, Axie, Sandbox, Decentraland). If your account is on this list, you have a promo pack. You can claim and unbox here.
    Read more here
  • What is Trilium?
    Trilium is the ERC-20 token used in the Alien Worlds metaverse (Token Symbol TLM).
    The supply is capped at 5 billion with a further 5 billion in a locked-box mechanism released over years to Planets.
    Deflationary mechanics will reduce the amount of Trilium in circulation, such as shining and Nebula events.
    Trilium will not be available to buy but can be earned through game play or via Planets.
    Read more about Trilium.
  • What are NFTs?
    NFT is an acronym that stands for Non Fungible Token. These are digital items which use blockchain technologies to prove their uniqueness. Explorers own these items in a similar way to how they own physical items.
    The NFTs offered by the Federation include Land on Planets, Tools, Weapons, Avatars, Minions and Artifacts that modify other NFTs.
    Alien Worlds NFTs live on the WAX blockchain.
  • What is an Explorer?
    You! Users/players in Alien Worlds are explorers, because they are exploring and helping to create this expanding, decentralised metaverse.
  • What is the Federation?
    The founders of the Metaverse. They discovered and now distribute the unreplicable Trilium to Planets according to a prescribed formula designed to encourage all stakeholders to participate.
    The Federation also issues the core NFTs and permissions Planets to become part of the Federation.
    The Federation was originally a bitcoin mining community on Earth, to whom the Aliens gave the secret knowledge about wormholes, allowing them to escape Earth at the time of existential risk.
  • What blockchain is Alien Worlds on?
    Alien Worlds is the only cross-denominated project running on Ethereum and WAX. Trilium, the metaversal fungible token, is both an ERC-20 and a WAX token. The other game mechanics, and the NFTs, are smart contracts on WAX.
    In technical terms, our layer 1 protocol is Ethereum with a layer 2 protocol on WAX.
  • What are Planets?
    Planets are DAOs or decentralised autonomous organisations. Each Planet gets a daily allocation of Trilium, as described in the Technical Blueprint, and can decide how to allocate that Trilium – to stakers, gamers or anyone else.
    Each Planetary member votes for the Planet’s government. You can become a member of a Planet by staking Trilium to that Planet – in return you’ll receive that Planet’s token. The amount of the Planet’s token you own dictates how much voting power you’ll get on that Planet (“stake weighted voting”).
    There are 6 Planets: Eyeke, Kavian, Magor, Neri, Naron and Veles.
  • What is Land?
    Land is a series of NFTs which represent parcels of land on the Planets in Alien Worlds. Land is needed for mining – if you own land you can either mine it yourself or charge people who mine on your land commission.
    Read more about Land here
  • What is Mining?
    Mining is an on-chain action that requires a Land NFT and a Tool NFT. It yields Trilium and NFT rewards – more if you’re clever about where you mine and with what tool. The user interface makes this easy.
    Read more about mining here
  • What is commission?
    The % of Trilium mining rewards that the miner must pay to the landowner for the privilege of mining on the landowner’s land. By default, commission is set at 20%, but this can be changed by the landowner.
    NFT payouts from mining are not subject to the commission; the miner gets to keep them all.
    Read more here
  • Why is Alien Worlds called a “metaverse”?
    Alien Worlds as a metaverse rather than game because it is an extensible platform. The creators, the Federation, have created core mechanics. But most of the economic strategy and power lies at the level of the Planets, which are largely free to do what they want. Planets can create their own NFTs, user interfaces, gaming smart contracts, and allocate resources however they want.
    We provide the core elements – the core NFTs, the fungible token Trilium, the Planets, the core initial games (mining and fighting), and core smart contracts around staking and voting. We will keep developing out the framework, making it more exciting and more functional.
    But the rest is up to you.
  • Who are the Aliens?
    The Aliens gave the secret of how to locate the wormhole to escape Earth’s pandemics, to the Federation. The Ancient Alien AI, Aioshi, comes in to guide the Federation when he needs to.
    Read the Alien Worlds Backstory here
  • What is shininess?
    Shininess is a feature of an NFT denoting rarity and ascribing extra powers; NFTs can be ‘shined up’ by sending four NFTs plus a TLM fee (burned) to a smart contract.
    Read more here
  • What is an Avatar?
    An NFT. You select your first avatar and you can buy more that you might prefer. Avatars offered by the Federation include the Greys, Reptiliod, Little Green Person, Nordic and Robotron.
  • What is a Minion?
    An NFT. You use Minions in the fighting game.
    Read more about minions here
  • What are Artifacts?
    An NFT.  Artifacts will shake up the Alien Worlds Metaverse. What strange things lie beneath the surface of Alien Worlds? Stay tuned to find out.
  • What is the fighting game?
    The fighting game will allow explorers to battle using their Avatar and Minions, along with Weapons, in the Thunder Dome arena. You’ll be matched with competitive players for your level and fight to receive Trilium and NFT rewards.
    In technical terms, the fighting game is a set of Federation-provided smart contracts made available to all Planets to offer to players.
  • What is a DAO?
    A decentralised autonomous community. Each DAO (Planet) is represented by its own token which users obtain by locking up Trilium 1:1 for the DAO’s token. Each Planet is governed by Custodians.
  • What are Custodians?
    Each Planet will have its own set of Custodians, voted for by Planetary token holders. The Custodians vote on proposals for how to allocate Trilium resources and anything else the Planet wishes to do. The Custodians are voted for using DAC software similar to that in use by eosDAC, which you can see at dacfactory.io.

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