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Defi and Collectible Digital Items Meet

Receive Trilium and NFTs (digital items on the blockchain) for mining on Alien Worlds.
Buy and own Land and earn commission.
Stake your Trilium and boost your Planet's rewards.
Battle against other explorers for glory (and NFTs!)


Land 1

Land is scarce

Only 3,343 Land NFTs
That’s it. There is no more Land on these Planets. Once it’s sold, it’s sold.

Land 2

Land is a starting point

Aioshi has revealed that Land terraforming is coming to the metaverse
Where Landowners can develop their Land
Host immersive parties
And charge fees

Land 3

Land is special

Defi earnings: landowners earn Trilium passively when miners mine their Land
None of our other NFTs operate this way

Aioshi reveals…

Alien Worlds will be a metaverse where your NFTs come alive…

Your 3D Avatar will roam across Planets, using Tools to mine for Trilium. And send their Minions into battle with your enemies…

Where communities will come together on our DAO Planets to earn Trilium. Through Minecraft, or Ark…

Where your Land reaps you Trilium passively, as miners pay you commission…

Where your community benefits from its own fungible token, as a Planet DAO…

Where you terraform your Land, offering immersive experiences, events and parties…

Your metaverse, your Land, your Trilium, your way


Avatars are your face in Alien Worlds.

The scarce, Trilium generating NFT that allows you to mine or earn commission when others mine your land" at the beginning. It takes a long time to mine on an active volcano but you can get great rewards. Rocky deserts can be good for finding other items. Plains are the easiest terrain to mine on but you don't always get a good payout.

Everyone is given a shovel to begin with but it is very limited. Other tools can be bought in packs or, if you are very lucky you may find one, and have different strengths. For example, a Glavor Disc is good for finding NFTs and a Lucky Drill will mine much faster than a standard drill. Note you can use 3 tools at the same time. 

Are your crew who you send into battle and may have future uses in the metaverse. Each Minion has attack and defence attributes along with a "move cost". A Storm giant may be very strong but also slow.

You can equip yourself with a weapon and also equip your minions - each weapon has an attack and defence stat and a type (fire, nature, gem etc..)


There are six different levels of rarity for Digital Items in Alien Worlds. These are Abundant, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical.



There are also 4 different levels of shininess - Stone, Gold, Stardust and Antimatter. Lower level items can be forged together to increase their shine and attributes.

Count Down to Next Sale: Dec 4th
Pre-Orders Available

Digital Items


You can buy packs of NFTs through our sales.

These are the only way to buy Alien Worlds NFTs, which are required for playing the mining game and fighting game, and which you may wish to shine up later on.

The pack sales are in a Dutch auction format over 36 hours.

Preorder is available where you can preorder at a chosen price point, subject to packs being available at that price.

Dec. 4
Special Land Pack Sale

The only chance to obtain Land NFTs.

Claim ETH

We dropped promo packs onto about 6,000 accounts from Ethereum communities we know will love Alien Worlds (RARI, Gods Unchained, Axie, Sandbox, Decentraland). If your account is on this list, you have a promo pack. You can claim and unbox hereRead more here.

About the Metaverse 

Alien Worlds is defi NFT metaverse where you can collect and play with unique digital item.

Only cross-denominated ETH - WAX project .

Explorers can earn or buy NFT packs.

Explorers earn through game play and by participation in Planet DACs.

All of the Alien Worlds digital assets are minted on the WAX Blockchain.

Your defi metaverse

You can farm Trilium and NFTs within Alien Worlds by playing the mining and fighting games and by owning land where you charge rental commission.

Planets are also be free to pay out Trilium. 

Planet DAOs

Planets are decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs).

Planets receive Trilium every day which the Planet’s governors decide to pay out. Trilium can be paid to miners, other players, stakers or anyone else.

Planetary DAO = extensible.

The Planets are where the action happens in Alien Worlds, and they’re autonomous. Planets are free to compete for stakers, try to take each other over, create their own NFTs or user interfaces and much more.
If you already have an active community, coming onto Alien Worlds could give you a Trilium flow to boost your activities.

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Trilium is the cross-chain ERC-20 fungible token of the metaverse that tracks power. Earn Trilium in the game and stake Trilium to a Planet DAO to vote in that Planet’s elections. Planets might decide to pay to stakers.




5bn to you, the community of gamers. Additionally developers, the DAC Foundation and the team.



A further 5bn is in a locked box smart contract that pays out to Planets over decades at 0.025% of remaining box per day.

Trilium is not available to buy.

Star Route


Metaverse design
Technical Blueprint revealed
Trilium minted - final immutable supply
NFTs, Planets and initial smart contracts for core metaverse mechanics created
Alpha UI developed
Community NFT pack drops
Standard Pack sales 

Near term

Beta UI released
Daily Trilium release to planets begins
Staking Opens
Trilium reserves opened for mining
NFT shining unlocked 

Coming soon

Thunderdome opens - Let the Battles Commence
Nebula events
Interactive storyline events & cross promotions with other games/NFTs
“Heroes and Minions” packs and fighting functionality
Artifacts NFTs released 

Galaxy - future plans

Land terraforming and farming by landowners enabled
Avatar enhancements unlocked
Selected external NFT collectibles gain powers in the Alien World metaverse (NFT interoperability)
Quests and immersive experiences
Interoperability between digital items
The Federation is creating a framework to allow digital items (NFTs) to move across metaverses

By allowing IP owners to add custom attributes and metadata to external NFTs a new galaxy of cross promotional opportunities exist
Imagine your favourite collectibles being available to play within games - Alien Worlds plans to make that happen! 

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Game Creators


Dacoco GmbH, the Zug-based decentralised autonomous community experts who pioneered eosDAC, are the creators of Alien Worlds. We are block producers on EOS and a Guild on WAX.

We have partnered with Hyderabad’s Sixpep to build out the Unity game interface.


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