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_Introducing: Expanded Lore A New Frontier for Explorers!

Why Lore?

The heart of any metaverse lies not just in its mechanics, technology, or economy, but also in its stories—the lore that forms the backbone of its existence. The narratives we weave give life, context, and meaning to every action, every planet, and every life form in our expansive universe.

A Proposal by the Federation to all Planetary Syndicates

Meticulously crafted in collaboration with esteemed sci-fi author [REDACTED], this new lore promises to provide an accessible foundation for all creative endeavors in the Alien Worlds ecosystem. Dacoco is excited to present the beginning of a reimagined, more expansive lore for Alien Worlds—one that goes beyond our current narrative and offers a richer backdrop for our shared universe. This tale transcends our current narrative and embroiders a more immersive tapestry for storytelling, portraying the genesis, challenges, and dreams of the unique races within our shared Metaverse, with Trilium at its epicenter.

The Federation seeks to propose the following to all Planetary Syndicates to mark a new beginning of a shared lore that will shape the future of the Alien Worlds metaverse. This lore is just the beginning, and is specifically designed to be open and non-opinionated so that the community can build on top of it.

The Galactic Tale Begins

… It was only 120 years ago that the federation first contacted Humans. This changed the very fabric of our reality, introducing us to an interstellar realm and the diverse races that call it home. Earth's integration into this galactic society has shaped our history, culture, and future. The introduction was tumultuous, sparked by a mistaken Trilium discovery. The ensuing "gold rush" brought unique alien races to our doorstep, offering both technological marvels and socio-economic challenges…

Trilium: The Lifeline of Alien Worlds

Trilium is the most bioreactive natural substance in the known Metaverse. It accelerates the mutation and replication of genetic material at an unparalleled rate in its raw form. This spells catastrophe for any organisms that make contact. The race that discovered Trilium, [REDACTED], researched it, refined it, and harnessed it. Ultimately, they discovered that they could precisely control the effect Trilium had on genetic material using technology they called [REDACTED]. They could eliminate disease, slow down aging, and make themselves better, faster, and stronger with super-organic abilities. But, the effects were temporary, only lasting as long as one could supply the [REDACTED] technology with Trilium. This had profound impacts on every aspect of their society, economy, and culture. Eventually, the [REDACTED] ran out of Trilium and turned to the stars to locate more. Using Trilium and [REDACTED] technology to enhance their ability to survive in other atmospheres, the [REDACTED] began the Great Expansion, where an unprecedented exchange of culture, knowledge, and technology occurred as contact was made between more and more sentient species. Now, the only known supplies of Trilium are on six planets: Magor, Eyeke, Neri, Kavian, Naron, and Veles and are controlled by powerful Syndicates. Today, Trilium is at the center of the Metaverse.

“Life is the way the universe speaks to us… And now we can speak back.”

  • Notes from a Trilium Researcher

Make Your Mark

Explorers, over the next several months we will continue to propose and share rich new characters and narrative. This new lore is an invitation. Writers, developers, creators – the Alien Worlds metaverse is your canvas. If approved by the Planetary Syndicates, we can build upon this foundation together with unique narratives, products, and games.

The Federation will also release tools that will allow the community to shape the canon of Alien Worlds and vote on what is official lore. Until then, we can all have some fun in imagining what this new world looks like and create content that will serve as inspiration for games, art, events, and more set within the Alien Worlds metaverse.

Our metaverse is vibrant and ever-evolving, enriched with your imagination and creativity. Together, let's traverse the vast expanse of Alien Worlds, etching legendary tales for generations to come.