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_Build Alien Worlds With Galactic Hubs

Galactic Hubs funds community-led initiatives that deliver greater innovation and enjoyment to the Alien Worlds decentralized Metaverse.

_Season 2 Grants

Explore new games and features of the Alien Worlds metaverse. Season 2 is already in full swing, promising even more innovation and growth with exciting new initiatives in the works.

Battledome - Syndicate Toolset

Enhancing the Battledome game through community integration and decentralization. Syndicate-administered tournaments, community-driven game development, and crowdfunding module.

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Battlefleet Armageddon

Auto battler game set in space, with fleets of ships and asynchronous multiplayer. In-app purchases, exclusive packs for Alien Worlds NFT owners, and Trilium-powered advantages.

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Galactic Standoff — MVP

Mass multiplayer PVP strategy game within the Alien Worlds metaverse. Upgrading and defending decentralized Starbases, earning power-ups, and playing game modes.

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Trilium Quest

MMORPG set in an immersive open world with unique planets and Trilium mining. Quests, monster battles, resource acquisition, and planet-specific dungeons.

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Mission Notifications

Bot integration issue resolution for mission notifications on Telegram and Twitter.

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Unreal Worlds Lore

Animation project expanding the prologue of Alien Worlds metaverse with high-quality art. Engage the community through immersive storytelling.

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A2 Boss Battle

Acryptia is a solo strategic card game playable both on browser and mobile. During Boss Battles, users play games to complete a collective task, climb the leaderboard and win prizes.

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Alien Worlds Community TV

YouTube channel providing insights, interviews, strategy, and community discussions. Host: Brandon Parker from The EOS Podcast.

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Alien Worlds Community Avatar Maker

Platform for creating, sharing, and earning from custom avatar designs on the WAX blockchain. NFT Packs, staking mechanic, and personalized avatar NFT templates.

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Wombat Dungeon Master

Integration of Alien Worlds NFTs into Wombat Dungeon Master (WDM) game. Staking for in-game mining power and materials.

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_Season 1 Grants

Discover the inspiring projects of grassroots builders and creators who took part in the first season of Galactic Hubs grants. From innovative solutions to community-driven projects and games, these teams brought their expertise and innovations to life, resulting in a more collaborative and dynamic metaverse.

Battledome Game

Battledome banner

Battledome is a free-for-all card battler set in the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Using Alien Worlds NFTs, Explorers can battle up to 20 players simultaneously as they compete for legendary NFT items and TLM prizes.

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Alien Worlds inspired NFT cards have been minted in eight rarities. These Trilium spaceship cards are available for Explorers to mine on VELES 20:6 and NARON 24.9. Get your shovels ready!

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Unrealworlds enriches Alien Worlds storytelling by developing Alien Worlds characters in 3D animated videos. Leveraging MoCap technology and Unreal Engine, Alien Worlds characters were given new life to inspire explorers across the galaxy.

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NFT Backers

NFT Backers is the premier NFT 2.0 solution on the WAX blockchain, bringing real-world backing and price stability to NFT collections. It is the only place you'll find fully redeemable IRL silver bullion attached to these digital assets using the time-tested LD2 Protocol.

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Alien Worlds Fractally

Network & Earn at the AW Fractal Community Weekly Meetup at 16:00 UTC, every Thursday. A one-hour meetup, where community members share what they and/or their communities have done in the last week in the AW metaverse and reward each other.

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HODL Warriors

HODL Warriors is a cross-chain battle deck game that in part leverages Alien Worlds lore. This deck driven game features a three-card clan build, each with a set of randomized abilities and skills ready to defeat your rivals.

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_Grant Categories

Technical Infrastructure

Build user-interfaces, add-ons, monitoring and tooling that interact with the Planet Syndicates or otherwise extend the utility Alien Worlds ecosystem, smart contract tokens, and/or NFTs.

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Develop entertaining games and build out competitive activities that interface with Alien Worlds NFTs and tokens.

Content Creation

Create content that is immersive and engaging for the Alien Worlds metaverse including, streaming, interviews, education and tutorials.


Development of Alien Worlds lore, Arts & Collectibles.

_Grant Tiers

Galactic Hubs offers two primary grant types.

  • 1


    Up to 500,000 TLM. For rapidly deployed contributions of 2 months or less. Paid a one-time payment when work has been successfully reviewed and completed. Apply anytime

  • 2


    Greater Than 500,000 TLM. For complex solutions and applications that require longer development cycles. These initiatives are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Submissions will reopen later this year.

_Grant Process

The grant process is broken up into six stages

1. Register and Apply

To participate in the grant program, create an account and fill out the application form.

2. Review

We expect to receive many applications and will work as quickly as possible to review them.

3. Decision

If a proposal is successful, our team will contact you. Additional review may be required.

4. Delivery

Links to your work deliverables will be placed in the ‘Task Delivery’ form, in your Galactic Hubs user account.

5. Evaluation

A program administrator will score the work provided against your goals.

6. Outcome

We will email you with the outcome of whether or not your award has been granted.

_The Benefits of Working with Galactic Hubs

Galactic Hubs is a key member of the Alien Worlds community and can connect builders with the resources they need.

1. Significant grants available
2. Guidance from Alien Worlds technical and Product teams
3. Access to technical and API documentation
4. Extensive marketing support
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    _What Galactic Hubs is Looking For







    _Grant Program FAQ

    How long are applications open?

    How do I submit a grant?

    How long does it take to process a grant request?

    Who can apply for grants?

    What information is required in the grant application?

    When are grants allocated?

    Why are grantees required to produce content?

    Can I submit more than one grant request?