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_A Milestone Event with 30 Exceptional Entries Community Hackathon

_Community Grants

These Galactic Hubs grants offer support to community-aligned projects with a clear focus, driving advancements in specific areas.

Lore Creation

Immerse yourself in Tokenized Lore and let your creativity flow in this open sci-fi universe. Inspired by Kevin J. Anderson's Alien Worlds foundational lore, craft stories using elements like Trilium and Triactor. Contribute 1000-2000 word stories in Google Doc format. Your creations could shape the Alien Worlds metaverse, influencing art, games, and media. Join this narrative journey and make your mark!


Following the momentum of increased API usage since the Unconference Hackathon in October last year, Galactic Hubs proudly announces the launch of Alien Worlds API Community Grants. This initiative invites developers to further expand the utility of Alien Worlds APIs, fueling innovation within our thriving blockchain gaming ecosystem.


An opportunity for a dedicated fan to organize and update the Alien Worlds Fandom with new lore. If you're detail-oriented and passionate about the Alien Worlds universe, apply to become a Scribe. You'll maintain the lore's integrity, provide feedback on submissions, and guide the community in storytelling. Ready to contribute?


Calling all developers! Galactic Hubs is offering an exciting opportunity for game developers: a grant of up to $50,000 to integrate their games into the Alien Worlds metaverse. This is an open call to breathe new life into incredible games and find their 'forever home' within our ecosystem!

_What is Galactic Hubs?

Galactic Hubs is a resource that will help fund members of the Alien Worlds community who have the vision to catapult innovations in software development and community building. Galactic Hubs is decentralized, and community led. Support from Galactic Hubs means bootstrapping individuals, projects and teams who want to make significant contributions toward building out the Alien Worlds metaverse.

Grants are contributions for people, companies, and projects to positively impact the vision of Alien Worlds. Typically, grants are ideal for game development, infrastructure projects, and content initiatives designed to benefit the whole ecosystem.

    _Innovation and Collaboration within the Alien Worlds Community

    _Grant Tiers

    Galactic Hubs offers two primary grant types.

    • 1


      Up to 500,000 Trilium. For rapidly deployed contributions of 2 months or less. One-time grant allocation following successful completion and approval of deliverables. Apply Anytime.

    • 2


      Greater than 500,000 Trilium. For complex solutions and applications that require longer development cycles. These initiatives are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    _Grant Process

    The grant process is broken up into six stages

    1. Register and Apply

    To participate in the grant program, create an account and fill out the application form.

    2. Review

    We expect to receive many applications and will work as quickly as possible to review them.

    3. Decision

    If a proposal is successful, our team will contact you. Additional review may be required.

    4. Delivery

    Links to your work deliverables will be placed in the ‘Task Delivery’ form, in your Galactic Hubs user account.

    5. Evaluation

    A program administrator will score the work provided against your goals.

    6. Outcome

    We will email you with the outcome of whether or not your award has been granted.

    _Benefits of Working with Galactic Hubs

    Galactic Hubs is a key member of the Alien Worlds community and can connect builders with the resources they need.

    1. Significant grants available
    2. Guidance from Alien Worlds technical and Product teams
    3. Access to technical and API documentation
    4. Extensive marketing support

      _What Galactic Hubs is Looking For











      Increased exposure and adoption

      Collaboration and community support

      Reputation and credibility

      Greater innovation potential

      Contribution to industry growth

      Lower barriers to entry


      Technical resources

      Additional marketing and promotional support

      Galactic Hubs support and guidance

      Opportunities for future collaborations

      Featured in the Alien Worlds 'Arena'

      Sponsored Tournament/Competition

      _Grant Program FAQ

      How long are applications open?

      How do I submit a grant?

      How long does it take to process a grant request?

      Who can apply for grants?

      What information is required in the grant application?

      When are grants allocated?

      Why are grantees required to produce content?

      Can I submit more than one grant request?