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Important Information

Several things to watch out for:
Alien_Worlds_Official - a fake telegram group, with fake admins and mods
A Fake TLM Pool on Uniswap
Unauthorized WAX NFT Collections on secondary markets
spacecrafts DOT io - a site made to look similar to Alien Worlds, offering a download

Scam Sites:
alienworlds DOT xyz - the site is asking for wax for "free" tools
alien DASH worlds DOT net - the site is offering a fake airdrop in exchange for crypto
giveaway DASH alienworlds DOT com - the site is operating a fake giveaway scam

Phishing Site:
alienworldsnft DOT com

* No person from Alien Worlds will EVER message you asking you to send Trilium (TLM) or any cryptocurrency someplace. *

ERC 20 token contract address | BEP 20 token contract address
Official NFT collection: alien.worlds

Alien Worlds now in partnership with Binance

One of the fastest growing NFT Games

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About The Game


7th Planet has been discovered in Alien Worlds. Introducing Planet B.



Alien Worlds is defi NFT metaverse where you can collect and play with unique digital items.


ERC-20 fungible token.


Explorers can earn or buy NFT packs.


Explorers earn through game play and by participation in Planet DAOs.

Your defi metaverse

You can farm Trilium and NFTs within Alien Worlds by playing the mining and fighting games and by owning land where you charge rental commission.
Planets are also be free to pay out Trilium. 


Receive Trilium and NFTs (digital items on the blockchain) for mining on Alien Worlds


Buy and own Land and earn commission.


Stake your Trilium and boost your Planet's rewards.


Battle against other explorers for glory (and NFTs!)

Planetary Councils

Every planet needs the best people to run it and the Alien Worlds DAO system lets you decide who has control - Maybe you should be the leader!


You can buy NFT game cards on secondary markets. In addition, you may also receive an NFT game card while mining for Trilium in the game.
The NFT game cards that have been created by the Federation include Land on Planets, Tools, Weapons, Avatars, Minions and Artifacts. 

There are six different levels of rarity for Digital Items in Alien Worlds. These are Abundant, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical. 

There are also 4 different levels of shininess - Stone, Gold, Stardust and Antimatter. Lower level items can be forged together to increase their shine and attributes.

Land is a series of NFTs in Alien Worlds which represent parcels of land on the Planets in Alien Worlds. Land is needed for mining. If you own Land, you can either mine it yourself or charge people who mine on your land commission.

The only way to get land is by either buying Land packs on the secondary markets, or by buying Land NFTs from other Explorers on secondary markets.

Everyone is given a shovel to begin with but it is very limited. Other tools can be bought in packs or, if you are very lucky you may find one, and have different strengths. For example, a Glavor Disc is good for finding NFTs and a Lucky Drill will mine much faster than a standard drill. Note you can use 3 tools at the same time. 

Minions are the NFTs used in the fighting game. They are eagerly awaiting the games in the Thunderdome. 

Weapon NFTs will be used by Explorers in the Fighting Game when battling other Explorers. Weapons have both an attack rating and a defensive rating.

Avatars are NFT gamecards that can be utilized to play the game. You select your first avatar to use for mining. Avatars offered by the Federation include: Greys, Reptiloids, Little Green Persons, Nordics and Robotrons.


Trilium is the cross chain ERC-20 / BEP-20 / WAX fungible token of the metaverse that tracks power. Earn Trilium in the game and stake Trilium to a Planet DAO to vote in that Planet’s elections. Planets might decide to pay to stakers.  
Read more about TLM here.

5,000,000,000 TLM
Daily Trilium Allocation to Planets and Daily Trilium Allocation to Landowners
Declining inflation mechanism - about 440m TLM in the first year - paid out as rewards to explorers of the metaverse


Token required for gameplay across Alien Worlds NFT metaverse.

Game Creators


The Zug-based decentralised autonomous community organisation experts, are the creators of Alien Worlds. We are a guild validator on WAX.

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Metaverse design
Technical Blueprint revealed
Trilium minted
NFTs, Planets and initial smart contracts for core metaverse mechanics created
Alpha UI developed
Community NFT pack drops
Standard Pack sales
Beta UI released
Daily Trilium release to Planets begins
Staking to Planet opens
Trilium reserves opened for mining
NFT shining unlocked
Land Fund pack opening reward initiated
Planet DAO candidate registrations open
Monthly Discord meetups
Collabs with other projects - NFT drops
Cross chain functionality: Trilium minted on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain
Teleport introduced
Planet DAO Councillor registrations opened
TLM open for trading on Binance
Farming period of TLM on Binance Launchpool

Near term

Nebula events and other quests
Daily Allocation to Landowners claim function to become automated
Landowner-specific NFT mining incentive distribution mechanism

Coming soon

Thunderdome opens - Let the Battles Commence
Interactive storyline events & cross promotions with other games/NFTs
Artifacts NFTs released
Landowners to be able to display items in their window
Redesigned UI

Galaxy - future plans

“Heroes and Minions” packs and fighting functionality
Land terraforming and farming by landowners enabled
Avatar enhancements unlocked
Selected external NFT collectibles gain powers in the Alien World metaverse (NFT interoperability)
Quests and immersive experiences
Interoperability between digital items
“Services” on land opened
Additional terraforming (that impact mining attributes)

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