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When using our website or online services, certain elements of your personal data and information may be necessary to enable or enhance your experience. Please consult our privacy policy for more information on why and how we collect and process data. In doing so, we use the cookies listed below to gather certain information. Your consent is necessary for the use of such cookies, which we kindly ask you to confirm by ticking the relevant boxes. Certain cookies are pre-ticked and cannot be de-selected as a matter of technical necessity. Please refer to the notice below on the use of such cookies.

Essential (technical necessity)

These cookies are necessary to enable the functionalities of the website and cannot be disabled. They are typically enabled in reaction to actions on your part, such as preferences you select, sign-in information, other forms you submit or other actions or queries you perform on the website. You can configure your browser to block or be informed about such cookies. Certain areas of the website may not be available or function properly if these cookies are blocked. These cookies do not gather or store personal information. 

Analytics (usage and performance)

These cookies allow us to track visits and traffic origins on our website. They give us the ability to better measure and improve its performance and support us in observing which elements of content and which functions are the most popular, which are the least popular, where there may be instances of insufficient usability or bottlenecks and how users progress through the site. The information is aggregated by external providers and cannot be attributed by us to a particular individual. If you do not enable these cookies, we cannot track how you use our website. 

Additional uses of information

Independently from the foregoing, your device may also receive and send information which is necessary to display certain content or enable certain functions. On the basis of information it sends automatically, such as its IP address or browser type, your device may be distinguished from other devices. Furthermore, your information may be used to detect and prevent fraudulent activities and ensure that all systems and processes function safely and in line with their requirements.