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_Planetary Syndicates Recent Proposals

The Planetary Syndicates receive TLM each day to build games, host events, and more.


ComiCon Birmingham

Towards support of Broken Dollz and Drawn Company at ComiCon Birmingham promoting Planet Eyeke and Planet Eyeke's Communities and Projects


Anti-bot team Round 3 - Continued Action

Anti-bot team - Continued Action Continuing the work on the public API endpoint with a list of known bot accounts, maintained by a team of detectives. The monkey detective team takes bot-fighting seriously. Three previous proposals, combined covering a 8 month period, have enabled us to gather and verify a list of over 2,418,184 accounts as malicious actors violating the terms and conditions in Alien Worlds.


Funding: Mission Control

Mission Control is an evolving platform within the Alien Worlds ecosystem. It enhances gameplay with features like Tool Tactician and Mine Maximizer, helping players optimize their Trilium earnings. Additionally, it grants Voting Power on select planets for participation in weekly government elections. More exciting features are in the works to make Mission Control even better.


Consortium Engagement Pilot Program Expansion

The Consortium Pilot Program has three rewards left to be redeemed. This Proposal serves to expand the Consortium Pilot Program to include the newest community on Consortium, Alien Edition! Create a poll on Alien Edition, get five votes on it, and win 1,000 TLM!


Magor Projects

Here is mainly magor wallet and the custodians have decided to distribute egualy to important Magor projects this week like 1.Arms Worlds 2.LightningWorks Comic Book 3.Trillium Quest: 4.Planetary Defense: 5.Panda NFT


Support to metadata games

We want to shoot videos with drones and integrate them into metadata games. We will use in metaverse games that maps

_ Community News


_Community Factions

Factions have entered Alien Worlds from all over the world, each building a different part of Alien Worlds.

Miners Union

miners union banner

A group to represent the collective interests of miners and eventually transitioning to a DAO structure.

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CryptomonKeys continues to be one of the largest and longest-running NFT distribution communities in Alien Worlds.

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Good Vibes Mining

good vibes banner

Join the vibe! Good Vibes Mining represents Veles and has hosted some of the best mining tournaments in the history of Alien Worlds.

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Alien Army World

alien art banner

A popular AlienWorlds fan group known for high fantasy themed Alien Worlds mining quests with events, contests, loot, adventures and Dwarves.

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Alien Art

alien art banner

Run by the citizens of Naron, Alien Art is a place where artists arrange drops of their Art and NFTs projects to Alien Worlds Explorers.

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InterPlanetary Federation

InterPlanetary Federation born out of troubling times in the Alien Worlds galaxy, the IPF is a proposed solution to unite qualified Custodians.

As the universe expands and civilizations across galaxies begin to connect, the InterPlanetary Federation (IPF) will become an essential platform for fostering dialogue and collaboration between Custodians and Syndicates. 

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_Official Discord

The official Discord Channel is populated by Explorers from all over the world. Join the official Discord channel and get involved in Alien Worlds today!

    _Fan Art

    "Somewhere New To Get the Drills Out"

    "The Journey Continues"

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    "Ancient Magor Colony"

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    Aurora on Neron

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