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58 Million Trilium Tokens Staked!

In the expansive and dynamic metaverse of Alien Worlds, an extraordinary milestone has been reached, setting a new standard in our interstellar adventure. The total amount of Trilium tokens staked for vote power to the Planetary Syndicates, has soared to an astounding 58 million. This achievement is not just a figure; it represents the robust engagement, dedication, and collective spirit of the vibrant community.

In Alien Worlds, players uniquely stake tokens to gain voting power, which is then used to vote for custodians on the six Planetary Syndicates (DAOs). Each Planetary Syndicate, responsible for its governance, has five custodians, with elections held weekly. This approach distinguishes Alien Worlds from typical DeFi staking, where rewards are purely financial. The record staking level in Alien Worlds is a clear indication of the deep engagement and unwavering commitment of its inhabitants. It reflects the active participation and dynamic interactions that form the lifeblood of Alien Worlds. This surge in staked tokens showcases the strength of the in-game economy, fostering an environment where trade, strategy, and collaboration are constantly evolving.

Central to Alien Worlds is the concept of decentralized governance, and the increase in staking activity empowers Explorers, giving them a significant voice in the game's future direction. Moreover, this substantial amount of tokens staked to the Planetary Syndicates fortifies the security of the system, ensuring that Alien Worlds remains a fair, secure, and player-centric metaverse.

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This milestone also signifies a resounding vote of confidence from the community. It showcases trust and belief in the long-term vision of Alien Worlds, reinforcing everyone’s commitment to collaboratively building Tokenized Lore and an unparalleled Web3 gaming experience.

If you haven't joined this cosmic adventure, now is the perfect time. Stake your Trilium tokens, participate in the governance of your chosen planet, and leave your mark in the ever-expanding metaverse of Alien Worlds. The future is here and it awaits your exploration.

Alien Worlds offers a truly unique decentralized platform where players are more than mere participants; they're active stakeholders influencing both the present and future of the game. Whether you aim to create services, tools, games, or other platforms, the community stands ready to embrace and utilize them.

Developers, you can access our API toolkit here.

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Leaders, step into the Planetary Syndicates and propel your ideas to the forefront of the community.

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