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Bonus Lore: An Interstellar Success

Buffeted by powerful polar winds, a Federation shuttle sped over the frigid vastness of Eyeke’s southern ice cap. The terrain below was barren and icy, and the reflected glare from the compacted ice spanning as far as the eye could see in all directions, was so harsh that the shuttle’s solar visors had been activated to prevent both pilots and passengers from being continually dazzled. Cresting the horizon was an object brighter still, and it was the reason why a Federation dignitary was being ferried to such an inhospitable region where only Trilium miners and hunters of the great Shaggy Malthrops willingly set foot.

The newly discovered Holoform cities on the six frontier planets had caused quite a stir, with the Federation going so far as to put out a call for assistance in securing these repositories of information, technology and Trilium against those who would use such a trove of knowledge and potential power for malicious or purely self-serving purposes. Both the planetary Syndicates and numerous Explorers had leapt at the opportunity to assist, working together to rapidly fulfil the request made by the Federation to facilitate various security measures and power the necessary equipment needed to analyse the technology & extract the Trilium from vaults deep beneath each city.

As the shuttle drew near the hive of activity in and around the city became visible, no longer hidden by distance and the intense glow. Explorers of all races had joined in the work effort, and a town’s worth of temporary dwellings of all shapes and constructions were scattered haphazardly around the Holoform city’s threshold. Most were the rigid yet lightweight modular cabins used by seasoned Trilium miners, though there were also numerous tents which were a staple amongst Eyekese nomads and tourists.

The shuttle banked to the right and headed for an empty landing pad, the pilot wrestling with the controls as the intense wind sought to drag the craft off course. Touchdown was a little bumpy and fraught but otherwise successful, and a small security team disembarked followed by the Ambassador - a Grey originally from the monastic sect that had made Eyeke their home. The wind tore at the group causing the Grey’s long robes to whip furiously back and forth, until the leader of the security team activated the Sky Shield strapped to one arm and used its power to calm the air around them. The Ambassador sighed with relief, and gestured for them to proceed.

They made their circuitous way through the makeshift town to a staging area before what appeared to be the central avenue leading directly to the heart of the Holoform city. A crowd had gathered there and a buzz of speculative chatter permeated the area, gradually quieting as folk noticed the Ambassador’s arrival. A platform bearing a podium had been erected before a large piece of machinery and the Grey strode up onto it, taking a moment to stare at the shining technological wonder that had inspired such a great collaborative act, before turning and moving to the podium to address the gathering. He kept the speech short and to the point - as Greys are wont to do - thanking the Explorers and the Eyekese Planetary Syndicate for heeding the call to action and swiftly doing what was necessary to secure such an amazing find, reassuring them that this was a solid step towards a better future for all.

He gestured to the leader of his security detail who stepped forward and held up a small container which the Grey passed a hand over, causing the lid to automatically pop open. Removing an oblong object he held it up for the crowd to see, then walked over to the machinery at the back of the platform and inserted it halfway into the machine’s control module, causing a command interface to light up. He input several commands then pushed the object all the way into its slot, and the machine hummed to life. The sound of activating machinery could be heard elsewhere in and around the Holoform city, as the newly installed security and research equipment began to receive power wirelessly from the central relay that was now operational. The Ambassador turned and raised his arms, loudly congratulating everyone, and the crowd cheered.