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_Galactic Hubs Presents: Alien Worlds API Track at the Interplanetary Unconference

Galactic Hubs is proud to sponsor the Alien Worlds API Track with rewards up to 1,000,000 Trilium in support of community development in the metaverse! The API track is a significant part of the upcoming Interplanetary Unconference Hackathon. Get ready for an event that promises to be out of this world!

In parallel to the technical API track, there is also a General Track planned for non-technical builders. The General Track invites you to explore questions like, "How can people play in the Metaverse?" and "What are the play paths?" It offers welcoming spaces for blockchain education and onboarding to Alien Worlds, with the goal of connecting communities and empowering participants. Presentations and discussions will take place with a focus on community-generated innovation, open-source development, and solutions for scalability.

Interplanetary Unconference APIs Track Program Plan

The structured program plan ensures participants receive the support, guidance, and a clear pathway to showcase their innovative ideas and projects.

Event Details

  • Hackathon Organizer: Interplanetary Unconference
  • Event Link: Video meetings and hosted from
  • Track Name: Alien Worlds APIs
  • Event Dates: October 20 - October 21, 2023
  • Sponsor: Galactic Hubs
  • Sponsorship Amount: Up to 1,000,000 Trilium
  • Rewards Pool Split: 30% for ideas, 70% for builders
  • Event Duration: October 20 (7:30 am - 12 pm PST), October 21 (8 am - 9 am PST)
  • Event Format: Online Zoom
  • API Track Judges: Dacoco Team

Goals for the Hackathon & the API Track

Our mission for this Hackathon and the API track is straightforward yet profound:

  • Support the community and Unconference.
  • Showcase valuable API resources and promote community-driven usage and extension.
  • Identify and recognize talented blockchain developers.
  • Offer further grant support to the most inspiring and impactful contributions.

Participants in the Hackathon - What We're Looking For

  • Explore ways to expand the functionality of our existing APIs.
  • Enhance Alien Worlds' smart contracts with extensibility features.
  • Generate innovative ideas for leveraging existing APIs to benefit the Alien Worlds ecosystem.

Day 1: Hackathon Kickoff (October 20, 2023)

Kickoff Live Session - 7:30am PT to 8am PT: The event will kick off a live presentation from Dallas, Alien Worlds Head Engineer. Dallas will introduce APIs and share real-life examples of how they can supercharge product development. And the best part? You can ask questions and get instant answers. The Hackathon video calls will be hosted directly from the I nterplanetary Unconference Telegram channel. Join here:

Presentations - 8am PT. to 12pm PT.: API Track projects should make it clear that they are presenting for this specific track. While project presentations are optional, they are highly encouraged. You can choose to pre-record your presentation or have it recorded live on the day.

Day 2: Presentation and Submissions (October 21, 2023)

Final Presentation 8am PT to 9am PT Teams have the opportunity to present their projects. Presentations are optional but highly encouraged. Options include a pre-recording or a live presentation on the day to be recorded.

Submissions: Teams must submit their presentations by 1 pm PST. We're providing an API Track submission form online, giving you the flexibility to submit your work in advance.

Submission Process

Alien Worlds will provide an online Google submission form for the API track. The form’s link will be shared across Alien World's social channels ahead of the event, allowing participants to prepare their submissions in advance.

To ensure the submission process is streamlined, all materials connected to one project, including the project's Name, WAX address, presentation, and recording, must be submitted using the provided online form.

Online form:

Post-API Track of Hackathon: Judging and Wrap-Up

Judging Period: Judges have up to 10 working days to carefully evaluate and judge the projects submitted. Expect a panel of judges who will review submissions for their quality and alignment with the Alien Worlds metaverse.

Hackathon API Track Rewards: Trilium rewards for contributions to the Alien Worlds metaverse and APIs will be determined by Alien Worlds' judges. They'll assess the quality and impact of your ideas and submissions, aiming to celebrate and reward as many great ideas and builders as possible.

Qualification Criteria: Submissions must meet a certain level of quality, such as a completed presentation that clearly demonstrates a practical use-case or an API product that provides clear value to the Alien Worlds ecosystem.

Presentation Expectations

  • Presentation (encouraged): It is highly recommended using a recorded presentation to illustrate your project better. Provide a link to the recording in the submission form.

  • Structure: Ensure a clear structure with an introduction, problem, solution, features, and conclusion.

  • Problem-Solution: Clearly define the problem and explain your solution, emphasizing Alien Worlds API integration.

  • Demo (if possible): Showcase your project in action to highlight API functionality.

  • Technical Insights (if possible): Share key technical details about API integration and innovative approaches.

  • User-Centric: Describe the user experience and emphasize user needs addressed.

  • Impact: Explain the potential impact of your project on Alien Worlds or its users.

  • Future Plans: Discuss what's in store for your project, including future development and improvements.

API Usage Guidelines

  • Documentation: Refer to Alien Worlds official documentation for a deep understanding.
  • Security: Protect user data and privacy in API interactions.
  • Error Handling: Consider effective error handling.
  • Authentication: Consider authentication when appropriate.
  • Demonstration: Showcase how Alien Worlds APIs enhance your project.

Join us in this voyage of innovation and community-driven support at the Alien Worlds API Track within the Interplanetary Unconference Hackathon. Your ingenuity and collaboration hold the key to exploring new horizons in the metaverse. This is an opportunity to unlock the hidden potential of the ecosystem and potentially secure valuable support through a Galactic Hubs grant. Let's pave the way for pioneering achievements!