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Battledome: Syndicate Toolset

Battledome: Syndicate Toolset - Unlocking New Horizons in the Card Battler!

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Galactic Hubs is proud to announce the completion of the Pioneer grant project, Battledome: Syndicate Toolset, developed by the innovative minds at This remarkable initiative marks a pivotal moment in decentralizing the existing card battler.

Battledome, the exhilarating free-for-all, last-man-standing card battler, has already captivated our community with over 15,000 games played since launching. Up to 20 players at a time engage in intense battles, leveraging their valuable Alien Worlds NFTs to claim victory and secure the ultimate spoils—precious NFTs and Trilium. Now, prepare to be blown away as the Syndicate Toolset takes center stage.

Let's dive into the three components of the Syndicate Toolset:

  1. Crowd Support: The power of governance emerges as the community, players, and Syndicates collaborate to shape the future of Battledome. Within this module, a range of ideas will be presented, for example, daily login rewards and UI enhancements. Through pledging Trilium, each individual can cast their vote for the ideas they wish to see developed. Once an idea is fully supported, the developers at go to work, progressing new game features in the direction chosen by the community.

  2. Designating Battledome Representatives: Each Syndicate will assign a designated "Battledome President.” The assignment of an elected rank is to ensure efficient operations of the tournament. In cases where a ‘President’ is not appointed, the default representative will be the Syndicate member holding the Elected Rank 1 position. To maintain accurate representation, Battledome will directly read data from the Blockchain, ensuring that the representatives remain current and up to date.

  3. Tournament Admin Configuration: Each season, one of the six planet Syndicates takes the helm, deciding the fate of the competition. The President of the chosen planet assumes the role of administering the tournament’s configuration, granting them the authority to rename the tournament, add captivating graphics, and, most importantly, determine the prizes for victorious participants.

The Galactic Hubs proudly supports this endeavour as it provides Syndicates with a structured system and strengthens their influence in shaping the future of Battledome.

We believe that the Syndicate Toolset will bring forth a new era of collaborative decision-making and governance within the Alien Worlds metaverse. It's a significant step towards empowering our community of Explorers and Syndicates with increased autonomy and agency.

Brace yourselves for the ultimate showdown—the Battle of the Worlds Tournament, hosted by Restack. Get ready to join the Syndicate vs. Syndicate competition, where the Syndicate with the most victories will seize the coveted title of the first Battledome Presidency.

Battle of the Worlds Tournament:

  • Start Date: 21 July
  • End Date: 21 August

Join the fight! More information on the tournament can be found here