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Decentralizing Core Aliens Worlds Smart Contracts through MSIG Governance

The Alien Worlds metaverse stands as a testament to innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Since its inception, Explorers have flocked to its diverse terrains, forging new adventures and building communities. Behind the scenes, The Federation has played the role of the initiator, setting the preconditions, as much as possible, for a seamless experience for every Explorer and laying the foundation for an ever-evolving metaverse.

By many measures, Alien Worlds is the most decentralized Metaverse that exists. There are no other instances of in-game DAOs that manage their own token treasuries. Furthermore, 12 games are currently being created by the community, with 4 of them already available to play. Over 1,500 proposals have been completed by the Planetary Syndicates and over 102,000 people joined the community created Discord, Telegram and X (formerly Twitter) channels.

The community has evolved to the point where it can now be directly integrated into the governance of core smart contract functions that comprise the underlying infrastructure of the Alien Worlds metaverse.

The Need for Safe Harbor

Every decentralized venture requires a guiding hand prior to launch. If we look to EOS as an example, the sudden departure of a core contributing company can add years of setback. The Federation undertook this role, providing the metaverse with a safe harbor period prior to launch. This approach was by design, ensuring rapid responses to unforeseen challenges and safeguarding the metaverse for all Explorers. But the grand vision for Alien Worlds was always about the community holding the reins; it was about forging a space where everyone has a voice and power.

We believe that the true potential of the Alien Worlds metaverse lies in the collective wisdom and efforts of its vibrant community. And it is this belief that drives our next big step.

Empowering the Community

Over the coming months, we will embark on a journey to entrust even more of the Alien Worlds Metaverse's smart contract layer to the community. This means that more than ever before the future of Alien Worlds is being guided by a collective of the most engaged and knowledgeable Explorers.

The process is being rolled out gradually, beginning with simpler smart contract actions, and progressing to more complex functions. The aim is to ensure that the community gains confidence and familiarity with these responsibilities.

How will these decision-makers be chosen? Through the very actions that define the Alien Worlds metaverse. The ways you engage, explore, and contribute will play a crucial role in identifying the multi-signatories of the future.

Towards a Brighter, More Decentralized Horizon

This transition symbolizes much more than just an evolution in decision-making. It confirms a deep-seated belief in community ownership and value creation. By empowering the community with an even more direct stake in the metaverse's future, we pave the way for innovative ideas, unparalleled growth, and a true ownership among all Explorers.

Simultaneously, The Federation continues to invest in building out the Alien Worlds metaverse in new ways, implementing a stronger lore foundation and building out AI tools to scale content creation that makes the Metaverse a deeper and more immersive place to build and participate in.

Stay tuned for more details on the ongoing decentralization process and how you can be an active participant in this revolutionary transition. Your voice and contributions are what will propel the Alien Worlds metaverse into its next exciting chapter.