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Embracing the Power of Shards

_Embracing the Power of Shards: Introducing the New NFT Outpost

The NFT Outpost is undergoing a transformation with a primary focus on creating a better user experience for Explorers. Certain elements will also be renamed:

NFT Points are now Shards and will be accumulated in the same manner as NFT points were.

User Points Rank will now be referred to as Experience. Otherwise, the mechanics of the Outpost remain the same.

Dashboard Screenshot

You will notice an updated profile page that includes your Experience level, quick access to balances and the revamped Outpost, now accessible from the menu on the left hand side of the UI.

Shards: Unveiling the Hidden Gems

Shards are extraordinary remnants of Trilium mining, discovered alongside valuable Trilium deposits. With unique and enigmatic properties, Shards hold untapped potential waiting to be explored.

Experience: Ascending the Ranks

Experience represents the accumulation of points earned by players when completing Alien Worlds or other AW Community Actions. As Explorers venture further into the Alien Worlds’ Metaverse, their experience grows, unlocking new rank NFTs.

Fuse Shards: Breathing Life into NFTs

Explorers will now have the ability to "Fuse Shards" to transform NFTs. The Outpost becomes a sanctuary where explorers can breathe new life into these digital treasures. By harnessing the power of Shards, players can claim available NFTs as their own.

Claim Shards for Maxed-Out or Unavailable Claims

This update also resolves the issue faced by Explorers who received an NFT under the old system when the template was either maxed out or no longer available. Explorers with unclaimed NFTs will now find a 'Claim Shards' button on their profile page. This allows Explorers to easily claim a comparable amount of Shards, along with an additional thirty percent for the inconvenience.

Hello Explorers – Shards