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September Update

Alien Worlds is an ecosystem of games, content, applications, media, and more. Creations from around the world across all of these categories, unified by Trilium, NFTs, and Lore, are what makes Alien Worlds a metaverse. We are excited to present the latest developments from the second season of the Galactic Hubs grant program, and the community projects it supports. At Galactic Hubs, our mission is to empower creators, inspire innovation, and enhance the Alien Worlds metaverse through community initiatives, paving the way towards decentralization. Here is a summary of notable achievements with notes from the grant recipients.

Completed Grants

Alien Avatars

gHubs S2 – Alien Avatars

"We're thrilled to unveil, a creative hub that has come to life, thanks to the backing of the Galactic Hubs. With more than 50 unique Avatar templates crafted since June, our platform empowers users to express their individuality like never before. Minting from a template also benefits the original designers, making it a win-win for our talented community members."

Battledome– Syndicate Toolset

gHubs S2 – Battledome Syndicate Toolset

"The completion of the Syndicate Toolset marks a turning point for Battledome's decentralization. The Battle of the Worlds tournament, featuring Syndicate vs. Syndicate competition, adds an exciting layer of gameplay for players to accumulate points for their aligned Planets. The winning Syndicate will have the honor of taking control over tournament operations, propelling us into a new era of collaborative decision-making."

A2 Boss Battles

gHubs S2 – A2 Boss Battle

"Over 20,000 game sessions within just 24 days is a testament to the gripping gameplay we've curated. The prize pool of 20,000 Trilium and exclusive Acryptia NFT collectibles have been met with enthusiasm by the Alien Worlds community."

Captain's Edition

gHubs S2 – Captain's Edition

"A2 Boss Battles was supercharged with thrilling enhancements. The integration of Alien Worlds Syndicates elevated the gaming experience for both players and Syndicates. The addition of the Captain system made gameplay even more engaging and competitive. Captains representing Magor, Veles, and Kavian were victorious, receiving one-of-one special Syndicate-emblazoned NFT skins.”

Alien Worlds Community TV

gHubs S2 – AWTV

"The successful completion of Alien Worlds Community TV grant is a testament to the power of community collaboration. Our long-format conversations with key players like Restack.Ai, ShrimpBaguette, and TACO’s A2 Boss Battles team have fostered meaningful discussions and enriched the community's experience. These captivating interviews are now available on our YouTube channel."

Grants Under Development

Trilium Quest

gHubs S2 – Trillium Quest

"Ongoing backing has been instrumental in propelling Trilium Quest's development forward. As we implement combat mechanics, introduce health stats, health regeneration, and formidable villains like giant ants, our team is dedicated to creating an immersive gaming experience. The introduction of an initial quest and tutorial will lay the groundwork for an epic journey in the Alien Worlds metaverse."

Galactic Standoff

gHubs S2 – Galactic Standoff

"Galactic Standoff is gearing up for an unparalleled strategic gameplay experience. Both individual players and Syndicates will battle it out in carefully crafted game modes. We are grateful to the Galactic Hubs for their support in bringing this vision to life for Alien Worlds players."

Battlefleet Armageddon

gHubs S2 – Battlefleet Armageddon

"As we design exclusive unlockable assets for the Alien Worlds community, we are excited to bring interstellar battles to life. Get ready for the launch of this refactored web2 mobile auto battler, where you'll navigate space, strategize, and engage in heart-pounding battles."

Recently Accepted Grants

Milky Way Miner

gHubs S2 – Milky Way

“The Double Coconut team is thrilled to introduce the web3 version of our popular idle game, Milky Way Miner, with the support of the Galactic Hubs. This casual idle game will serve as a dynamic platform for community interaction, competition, and rewards through tournaments, offering players the chance to utilize Alien World NFTs, unlock boosts using Trilium, and compete for NFT rewards in weekly competitions. The launch is just the beginning, as we envision collaboration with Syndicates and the wider community to create a vibrant gaming environment that amplifies the value and enjoyment of the Alien Worlds metaverse.”

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gHubs S2 – Illusive.GG

"The acceptance of our grant is a pivotal moment for and the Alien Worlds community. The addition of community-developed games from the Alien Worlds metaverse will open up new opportunities for players to discover games that integrate Alien Worlds NFTs. Each will have dedicated listings and associated on-chain and off-chain analytics."

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Cosmic Salvagers

gHubs S2 – Cosmic Salvagers

“Prepare for an extraordinary arcade adventure that ventures beyond the stars! We're collaborating with the Galactic Hubs to craft an exhilarating experience for both Colonize Mars and Alien Worlds players. Introducing Cosmic Salvagers, an arcade game within Colonize Mars, allowing mission control operatives to momentarily step away from their Mars colony responsibilities and partake in friendly competition. As they explore the Martian surface for remnants of alien spacecraft, participants have the chance to secure remarkable Alien Worlds rewards based on their leaderboard ranking at the event's conclusion.”

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Edge of NFT Podcast

gHubs S2 – Edge of NFT

"We're excited to share that Edge of NFT has been granted the opportunity to feature two remarkable community development teams from within the Alien Worlds metaverse. Our podcast, ranked #1 NFT podcast on Google and #53 out of 800k tech podcasts, with a dedicated audience of 5-10k listeners per episode, is the perfect platform to showcase the depth of creativity enabled by the Galactic Hubs grant program. Join us as we dive into insightful conversations, spotlighting these creators' journeys and achievements in the world of blockchain gaming."

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Beyond Horizons:

gHubs S2 – Beyond Horizons

"In the ever-expanding Alien Worlds ecosystem, I (Anders Björk) envision a need for concise, curated content amid a sea of information. With over 2000 proposals in the Alien Worlds Planetary Syndicates and the Galactic Hubs Program's grants, a recurring article and accompanying video will navigate these developments. My extensive involvement within the ecosystem, including operating and my track record, positions me well for this task. By distilling both opinion and data-driven insights, this initiative aims to empower the community, foster discussions, and amplify engagement."

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Space Misfits

Ghubs S2 – Misfits

"We're thrilled to announce our integration plans for Alien Worlds Mission NFTs into Fleet, our browser game and PC Shooter, Mayhem. In Fleet, AW Mission NFTs will unlock exclusive fleet missions, while in Mayhem, players can access a unique game mode by burning a Mission NFT. By completing in-game activities, players will earn essential in-game resources to advance."

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Looking Ahead

It is no secret that generative AI is a revolution happening in parallel to blockchain. But it’s when these two technologies unite that we see their true potential. In addition, it has been inspiring to see the community embrace lore exploration and development, which makes up the connective tissue that gives meaning to the Alien Worlds metaverse. Galactic Hubs is keen to support projects that incorporate generative AI and/or lore development in Alien Worlds moving forward. Stay tuned for more info!

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