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The Holoform Mystery

_Increasing the Syndicate Treasuries The Holoform Mystery

News is spreading that Explorers on Neri have discovered the location of ancient holoform technology deep within the Planet’s dangerous methane swamplands. Upon finding the site they accidentally activated the technology, which not only revealed what appears to be a holoform city, but inexplicably set off a chain reaction on the other five frontier Planets, causing hidden holoform cities to be activated on the surface of each of them.

The Federation views these sites with great interest, both for the new insights into the holoforms that they may reveal through analysis, and the fact that there are sizable Trilium stockpiles sequestered in secure vaults beneath each of them. They wish to secure the holoform cities for study and to begin extraction of the Trilium reserves, a generous share of which will be made available to the six frontier Syndicates in exchange for their aid and the aid of any willing Explorers.

The Goal

The contest revolves around a simple target: When the staked Trilium across the six Planets increases to 42,000,000 or approximately a 30% increase, the Syndicates’ treasury drip rate will increase from its current 2% to 4%. This marks the first opportunity to boost the weekly claimable percentage from the Treasury, with more increases to come in the near future.

What This Means

In simpler terms, it's a call to arms for players and stakeholders to increase their Trilium stakes, thereby actively participating in the game's competitive ecosystem.

Measurement Metrics

This contest is straightforward, the total Trilium staked for voting purposes will be the measuring yardstick. It's worth noting that any stake-duration multiplier will not be considered in this count, ensuring a fair playing field for all participants.

Why This Matters

At its core, this competition is not just about reaching numbers. The overarching objective is to boost staked Trilium, which in turn will increase competition. Remember the amount of Trilium available to the Syndicates is finite and it is divided in accordance with the amount of Trilium that is staked to each Planet. In short, voting not only helps to ensure that your favorite candidate(s) are custodians but it also secures your chosen Planet and bolsters the percentage of the total available treasury that is allocated to your Syndicate. Compete for Syndicate dominance by rallying your constituents to vote and secure a larger portion of the treasury! This not only ensures a richer gameplay experience but also fortifies the in-game economic structure, benefiting players and stakeholders alike.

So, to all Explorers out there: Ready your ships, gather your Trilium, and may we win together!

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