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The Holoform Quest: Mission Accomplished

The Federation is proud to announce the successful completion of the Holoform Mystery mission, a monumental event that has not only enriched our understanding of ancient holoform technology but also doubled the claimable Trilium for each of the six syndicates. As a result, the weekly claimable Planetary Syndicate Treasury will now constitute 4% of the total treasury, up from the previous 2%. This marks the first opportunity to boost the weekly claimable percentage from the Treasury, with more increases to come in the near future.

A Journey Through Methane Swamplands to Holoform Cities

Locals on Neri unearthed ancient holoform technology hidden deep within the planet's perilous methane swamplands, the accidental activation of which caused an as-yet unexplained chain reaction across the five other Planetary Syndicates, revealing hidden holoform cities on each.

Trilium Reserves and Syndicate Treasuries

The competition aimed to increase the staked Trilium across the six planets to 42,000,000, an approximate 30% increase. Achieving this target would result in doubling the Planetary Syndicates' treasury drip rate from 2% to 4%. We are pleased to report that this goal has been met and even surpassed, thanks to the collective efforts of Explorers and Planetary Syndicates.

The Real Impact

While the numbers are impressive, the true success of this competition lies in its overarching objective: to fortify the in-game economic structure and enrich the gameplay experience. The increased Trilium stakes have not only fortified the Planetary Syndicates but also provided Explorers with greater voting power to ensure that their favorite candidates become custodians.

A Call to Continued Exploration

Explorers, your contributions have been invaluable, and we look forward to your continued participation in future explorations and competitions. To all Explorers who readied their ships and gathered their Trilium, your efforts have paid off in ways that will be felt across the Planetary Syndicates for years to come.

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