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NFT Outpost 16

_NFT Outpost Season 16 Lessons in Lore

1st – 30th September

Throughout the summer the Outpost has offered a fantastic variety of Alien Worlds NFTs for savvy Explorers to acquire for their personal collections, and such has been the popularity of our regular specials that several have now reached their maximum capacity, including the fast-paced ExoGloves.

Whilst there are no Blazing Specials or Commander’s Curations this Season, we still urge you to keep accumulating those User Points for the future, as great new things are on the Outpost horizon. Speaking of which, a new Outpost showroom has opened its doors with some beautiful community-created NFTS available for redemption, adding another option for collectors of all things Alien Worlds. Go to the Outpost page and select the “Community” tab to view and redeem NFTs of some excellent Alien Worlds inspired artwork!

Season 16: Lessons in Lore sees a selection of Tools return to the Outpost, with a focus on offering more insight into the history of their development and usage. As such, we asked our Technology Historian to provide summaries, several of which have been included below for your viewing pleasure.

NFT Outpost 16 – Large Capacitor

NFT Outpost 16 – Artunian Shovel

NFT Outpost 16 – RD9000 Excavator

NFT Outpost 16 – Dacalizer

NFT Outpost 16 – Particle Beam Collider

Keep an eye on our comms channels for more snippets of Tool lore - and other interesting developments - throughout the month.

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