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Preserving Privacy on the Wax Blockchain: Think Before You Commit

The privacy disclaimer within the Alien Worlds UI is in place to help you make the best decisions in regard to your personal privacy. This disclaimer reminds players that all information submitted will be available in perpetuity on the blockchain. Please keep this in mind when creating candidate profiles and proposals.

Preserving Privacy on the Wax Blockchain - Screenshot

The Immutable Nature of the WAX Blockchain: One of the fundamental characteristics of blockchain technology, including the WAX blockchain, is immutability. Once a transaction and its data is recorded on the blockchain, it becomes impossible to modify or erase. While this immutability is desirable for certain types of information, such as transaction histories, it can present challenges when it comes to personal information.

The Importance of Privacy: Privacy is a fundamental right that individuals should safeguard in the digital age. By exposing personal information on the blockchain, users may inadvertently compromise their privacy, potentially leading to a range of negative consequences. These include identity theft, doxing, targeted advertising, and unauthorized data exploitation.

Blockchain Anonymity vs. Identifiability: Blockchain technology is often lauded for its pseudonymous nature, where participants are identified by cryptographic addresses rather than their real-world identities. However, it is crucial to understand that the link between the blockchain and the real world can be established through various means, such as external data sources or transaction patterns. Once this link is established, any personal information associated with an address can be exposed, compromising anonymity.

Considerations for Personal Information on WAX: When interacting with the WAX blockchain, users should double-check before adding personal information that could be linked to their blockchain address. Here are a couple of important considerations:

  1. Contextual relevance: Evaluate whether the personal information you intend to add is necessary for the specific use case on the blockchain. Consider alternative ways to achieve the same goal without exposing sensitive data.

  2. Third-party reliance: Be cautious of third-party services that may request personal information on the blockchain. Verify the credibility and security practices of such services before providing any sensitive data.

We encourage all users to exercise caution and preserve their privacy when considering the inclusion of personal information on the blockchain. Understanding the immutability and potential identifiability of the blockchain is crucial for making informed decisions about sharing sensitive data. By adopting a privacy-first mindset, users can mitigate risks and protect their personal information in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.