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Syndicate Underground 10

Syndicate Underground Issue 10

The Planetary Syndicates are actively demonstrating the unparalleled adaptability granted by the DAO system. On June 8th and 9th Kavian made its presence felt at a Web3 gaming expo. Simultaneously, Neri, Naron, and Veles are spearheading the development of new tools and gamified products, aiming to inject more fun into the community's experience. Magor is widening its horizons by collaborating with NFT Panda to venture into new arenas. Eyeke has its eyes fixed on an upcoming Hackathon happening in parallel with their Unconference. Below, we provide a detailed breakdown of the recent objectives of the six Planetary Syndicates and feature an interview with Eyeke Custodian Lisa Chandler.

Table of Contents

  1. Kavian News
  2. Neri News
  3. Eyeke News
  4. Magor News
  5. Naron News
  6. Veles News
  7. Community Spotlight

Kavian News

Alien Worlds Kavian News


Kavian recently made a strong impression at the 3xp Web3 gaming expo (pictured below), the first event of its kind focusing solely on gaming in the Web3 space. As a unique platform dedicated to the biggest names in the Web3 gaming industry, the Custodians recognize the invaluable experience and exposure this expo offered.

Kavian earmarked 120,000 Trilium to ensure their presence as a DAO, reinforcing that metaverse proposals can translate into real-world results. The rocky planet is sent a pair of custodians to this event to advocate for Kavian, the Alien Worlds Community, learn about the latest developments, and network with other participants in the Web3 arena.


Current Custodians


Neri News

Alien Worlds Neri News


Neri’s Custodians have been busy earmarking considerable support towards a game titled “Deck of the Cosmos”, a deck building game where you will be able to unleash your strategic prowess and choose from five unique classes. Each class is armed with distinct skills and game mechanics. Your adventure will span six planets: Kavian, Neri, Eyeke, Magor, Naron, and Veles. Your goal? To construct a robust deck using strategic prowess and complete the adventure.

The core gameplay in Deck of Cosmos will revolve around deck building. Players start with a basic deck and expand it by purchasing or earning new cards during gameplay. Cosmic energy will fuel your actions; you can use it to play as many cards as you have energy for. Choose your moves wisely to conquer your alien adversaries without taking heavy damage.

Check out this document for more information about Deck of the Cosmos.

Current Custodians


Eyeke News

Alien Worlds Eyeke News


It is likely that the upcoming Interplanetary Unconference will be hosting a Hackathon for Alien Worlds Planets with rewards for ideas and development for projects benefiting the ecosystems of the planetary sponsors. Registrants are starting to plan the related events... thus the "un" part of the conference! Stay tuned for prize announcements! You can follow in Telegram.

Current Custodians


Magor News

Alien Worlds Magor News


Magor and NFT Panda recently announced the next chapter of their collaboration – World of Fantasy #2!

Building on the success of the Alien World Festival event, which garnered positive player feedback, they now seem set to take the gaming experience to new heights.

After the conclusion of the event, Magor is gearing up to launch an even more immersive sequel. This revamped version will retain the existing event structure while incorporating extended mechanics to enrich player interaction and overall engagement.

This fresh approach aims to enhance the gaming journey for both the Alien Worlds and NFT Panda communities. Stay tuned to the Magor channel in Discord and NFT Panda’s Twitter account for more details.

Current Custodians


Naron News

Alien Worlds Naron News


Naron recently approved additional Trilium for Mission Control, the weekly questing system, which aims to bring new players to Alien Worlds. The hope is to give Alien Worlds players additional gaming avenues and to shine a spotlight on other games. For more information about Mission Control check out their recent blog post.

Current Custodians


Veles News

Alien Worlds Veles News


Veles is also focusing their attention on the Mission Control initiative, earmarking 125,000 Trilium for front end development of the website (pictured below). Once complete, the Miners Union and Mission Control will be joined together in the new Mission Control UI. All preexisting features, like Voting, Missions, and Crowdfunding, will be transferred over and receive improvements. Missions will also be reworked into Special Mining Operations, which is expected to add additional value to Alien Worlds players. Additional updates will revolve around Spacecraft, Mission Control points and adding new features to the newly created Tool Tactician.


community spotlight

Community Spotlight

Lisa Chandler is a longtime member of the Alien Worlds community. Her commitment has inspired numerous Explorers within the Alien Worlds Metaverse.” Lisa, being generous with her time amidst her work as a Custodian on Eyeke, kindly agreed to be featured in this edition's community spotlight.

1. Would you tell us a little about yourself and why Alien Worlds appeals to you?

“I look at Alien Worlds as a virtual fabric above Earth that connects us all through our imaginations, technologies and activities. As a creator, I love how that brings us friends from around the world to imagine and create together. I have a background in startups, innovation and nonprofit organizations and the Metaverse gives us all the opportunity to make life better for people on Earth and virtually. I have been around Alien Worlds since before its launch and it continues to get more exciting and engaging each day! It seems to me that this game is a proof-of-concept of what can be, but also a platform for engaging millions of people in learning, creating, sharing and thriving.”

2. What would you say makes Eyeke stand out from the other Planetary Syndicates?

_“Eyeke actively engages player communities in support of player activities. We focus on three primary areas: (1) Development (2) Governance and (3) Events & Media. We have been connecting important projects and active and beloved communities to the Planet in various ways. First, we have been issuing Welcome Declarations with 1 TLM to welcome communities and games and this has provided support and additional resources for the players and Planets. _ On the development front, we have been supporting planning, because we believe people deserve rewards for their time spent playing. Many communities and games want to connect to Alien Worlds and play in various ways, so taking time to brainstorm with active players creates more fun and more opportunities for everyone. Additional rewards are used for Scoping of technical projects and then for milestones throughout development. Governance projects have included consensus games as well as data and activities that inspire governance mechanisms, experiments and best practices. Events and media projects aim to engage the players now and in the future as we grow.”

3. Can you speak about upcoming initiatives on Eyeke?

“We are very excited about AW Fractal, which is a consensus game based on Eden Fractal. Each week, players will be invited to join live on Zoom in breakout rooms to share what they have done that week in the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Players rank each other for achievement that week using Fractalgram to reflect their consensus and earn Respect tokens. These games are about to launch, so stay tuned. Communities can also add Fractal games to their own communities to foster engagement and volunteer leadership development.

Recently, fellow Custodian Snip has created a new Planets Adventures game and has been testing this daily game with Miners. It’s really exciting to see people working together to do specific activities each day and share in the rewards. Games like this bring players together from across various social media platforms, such as Telegram, Discord and Twitter. Social games seem to be a significant trend.

Of course, I’m very excited about the Interplanetary Unconference. We have hosted public feedback sessions and recently set up the registrants room for planning. I anticipate we will have a very exciting Hackathon, quite a few sessions and additional activities to engage communities and players. Of importance will be the documentation that we share about discussions of topics of interest to the Planets.

With more than 100 communities and games connected to Planet Eyeke, I could really go on and on about the exciting initiatives. I anticipate Planet Eyeke will consider additional leadership positions so more players can become involved in leadership and evolving the ecosystem of the Planet. Be sure to follow the Planet Eyeke social media to stay up to date on the opportunities as they arise.”

4. What would you say to Explorers who are considering running for a Custodian position?

“The name of game three: Syndicates is very telling. Candidates would benefit from having support from voting players and fellow candidates who are in alignment with their goals and values for use of the Trilium. Discussions ahead of time with fellow custodians can be very helpful, to ensure you are in alignment with your approach. Having a model for how Trilium should be rewarded to players is also very helpful in deciding what to do each week, as well as having an idea list for future weeks. Engaging with the communities is vital for Custodians who want to support growth of the game and can provide great opportunities for our Metaverse that we wouldn’t have recognized otherwise.”

5. Do you have anything that you would like to relay to the Alien Worlds community?

“On Alien Worlds homepage it says “Alien Worlds is a Metaverse built by its Community.” I find it important to share this with new and returning players. Whereas the first game was primarily mining and communities hosted mining events (Robert and I hosted the first one ever!), now with the third game Syndicates, we get to build anything we want on Earth and in this imaginary layer connecting us all. This is a historic opportunity and I encourage people to consider what they would like to see on Earth and in the Metaverse and how they think the world(s) can be better for players everywhere.

I also invite players to visit for news and opportunities as we begin to add and evolve content on this community website. Community news posts can be shared in Telegram in @planetsannouncements and players can also join there in @alienworldscommunity and various planet groups linked from the pinned messages there. New players and players who want to brainstorm how to connect their communities throughout the Alien Worlds Metaverse are encouraged to reach out to say hello!”

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Remember Explorers, the Planetary Syndicates are independently operated by amazing people just like you! Get involved today at: Alien Worlds

For the latest information on proposals you can always visit

That’s all for this edition of the Syndicate Underground. Until next time Explorers, take care of yourself and each other.