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Syndicate Underground Issue 12

Prepare to embark on a journey around the six Planetary Syndicates in the latest installment of the Syndicate Underground. This edition features interesting collaborations between Veles, Kavian, and the IPF, resulting in several intriguing developments and exclusive Alien Worlds-themed SWAG. Discover the Adventure crafted by Naron and Mission Control, showcasing the newest addition to Mission Control’s impressive lineup of products. Eyeke's commitment to community is evident as their Community Council takes shape and Magor, on the other hand, has its sights set on the intrepid landowners of their unique Planet.

But before we dive into the latest developments, it's important to remember that the Planetary Syndicates are powered by individuals just like you. Take the first step toward making your mark in the metaverse – create a profile and become a candidate, or support your favorite candidate's agenda today!

Tables of contents

  1. Veles News
  2. Kavian News
  3. Naron News
  4. Eyeke News
  5. Neri News
  6. Magor News
  7. Around the Metaverse
  8. Closing Thoughts

Veles News

SU12 Proposal – Veles


Veles is actively contributing to various initiatives within the Interplanetary Federation (IPF), playing a pivotal role in the exciting developments unfolding within the Alien Worlds metaverse. The proposal-backed endeavors, including the featured one here, add to the variety of the IPF's activities. Now, let’s delve further into Alien Edition, a weekly live broadcast backed by both the IPF and Veles.

Hosted by the vibrant Electra Eclipse and Vega Volcanica, Alien Edition is a weekly live broadcast on YouTube that serves as a central hub for all IPF updates and discussions. Ensure to join early during Thursday’s broadcasts for a chance to claim prizes.

In the most recent episode (#10), viewers were treated to an engaging discussion with Lore Lord Red. He shared insights into his role, showcased his Kavian SWAG, and much more.

To stay informed about future broadcasts and other updates, follow the InterPlanetary Federation on Medium, subscribe to the IPFDAOnews channel on Telegram, and keep track of the latest news on Twitter @federationdao.

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Kavian News

SU12 Proposal – Kavian


After the resounding success of the initial initiative, Kavian’s onboarding program has expanded, securing an additional 125,000 Trilium to support the onboarding of new players and guide them through the intricacies of the Planetary Syndicates. New players benefit from gameplay training, strategy sessions, and receive 15,000 Trilium each. The program aims to boost engagement in both Alien Worlds and the Syndicates.

In addition, Kavian’s Custodians have fulfilled their promise of creating coveted SWAG that every Explorer desires. Stickers, patches, and T-shirts have been distributed to several fortunate community members and onboarding participants. For a comprehensive recap, check out the IPF's recent article. Photos credit to the IPF.

SU11 – Kavian Merch SU11 – Kavian Merch

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Naron News

SU12 Proposal – Naron


Naron and Mission Control have joined forces to introduce an adventure-filled experience to the Alien Worlds metaverse. Celebrating the launch of Mission Control's latest feature, "Adventures," Naron is set to unveil a Naron-specific adventure. Other planets can also craft tailored adventures for their realms by reaching out to the Mission Control team.

In these adventures, participants must come prepared, as they will need a diverse array of Alien Worlds NFTs to complete various objectives. These missions are facilitated by Mission Control's innovative "X-Dimensional Gate" portal technology, enabling adventurers to be transported to locations where their assistance is urgently needed across the cosmos.

Here's how Adventures work: Each day, new adventures become available, each varying in duration, Questing Point reward pool, MC Point cost, and offering up to 10 unique objectives. Adventurers can choose to simply start an adventure or work towards completing the objectives to increase their score, impacting the share of the Questing Point reward pool.

To boost their scores, participants can submit up to 3 different NFTs, each tied to specific criteria such as rarity, shine, card name, schema, and more. The final score is calculated based on a combination of the base score and bonus percentages.

For example, with bonuses of 10%, 15%, and 20%, the final score would be calculated as follows: Final Score = 100 * (1 + 0.1) * (1 + 0.15) * (1 + 0.2) = 151.8

Adventurers should be mindful that the last three bonuses unlock at Mission Control levels 5, 10, and 15. While on an adventure, NFTs are temporarily unavailable, but they can be claimed, along with Questing Point rewards, once the adventure concludes.

Questing Points are essential, as weekly rewards in Mission Control are distributed among participating players based on their earned Questing Points. Additionally, adventurers have the opportunity to create and sponsor customized adventures with their own prize pools, adding depth to the experience. Prepare for an interstellar adventure in the Alien Worlds metaverse! Check out the article for more details.

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Eyeke News

SU12 Proposal – Eyeke


Eyeke has been busy expanding their Community Council initiative, and you're invited to join the discussions! Engage with the Eyeke Council every Monday in their Telegram group and lend your input and insights to various topics. The Eyeke Council is all about empowering the Planet Eyeke community, and your participation can make a difference. Become a Committee Member, and you could even help allocate Trilium rewards for the quarter. Check out the full details and join the discussions here: Eyeke Council Telegram group and Eyeke Council document. Get involved today!

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Neri News

SU12 Proposal – Neri


Neri is backing the third round of an initiative led by the Monkey Detective Team to combat bot accounts in the Alien Worlds metaverse. This team has already identified and documented over 1.6 million bot accounts violating the platform's terms and conditions. They use specialized tools and methods to maintain this list, which is publicly accessible via a dedicated endpoint. The list is actively used by various parties, including the Alien Worlds bot team, EOSUSA, the Miners Union, Taco, and others involved in EOSUSA data exports. Neri’s ongoing support marks their third contribution to this effort, demonstrating their commitment.

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Magor News

SU12 Proposal – Magor


Magor has extended a helping hand to the resilient landowners of the scarcely habitable Planet, where living near numerous active volcanoes requires remarkable courage. In a generous show of appreciation, the Custodians have pledged up to 64 Trilium towards enhancing every plot of land on the Planet through a 'Boosting' initiative. Any surplus Trilium from this endeavor will be earmarked for future benefits for Magor's landowners.

Current Custodians


SU12 – Around the Metaverse

Around the Metaverse

Community and competition are at the essence of Alien Worlds' activities. Below, you'll discover a catalog of currently active community-backed events. Join these events to earn rewards, forge new friendships, and embark on a quest for dominance within the Planetary Syndicates.

Metaversal Treasure Hunt

Explorers are required to complete daily quests to earn points, with Trilium Rewards granted at the end of the Hunt. Join the Telegram group and get involved today!

Naron Shard Mining Events

Explorers mine for Shards on any land on Naron to receive a share of the weekly rewards. Check out the link for more information.

A Planet Adventure: Eyeke’s Treasure Hunt Mining Event

To participate, Explorers must be active on Eyeke social channels, and complete the daily quest by mining on the specified land and at the designated time. Check out the link for more information.

Mission Control

Explorers blast off on weekly adventures and/or quests to earn Trilium rewards. Check out Mining Matters Medium to learn more about this and other Mission Control features.

Alien Edition

Watch weekly live streams on YouTube hosted by Electra Eclipse and Vega Volcanica, brought to you in part by Kavian! Join the madness every week for the release of new episodes, exciting contests, and livestreams! Check out the IPF’s Medium to stay up to date with the latest information.

SU12 – Final Thoughts

Closing Thoughts

Every proposal showcased in this edition is brought to you by the community created and supported,, the go-to platform for all matters concerning the Planetary Syndicates.

That’s all for this edition of the Syndicate Underground. Until next time Explorers, take care of yourself and each other.