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Syndicate Underground Issue 13

In this 13th issue, we journey through the galaxy, from Kavian's exciting new chat service to Veles' Dragon Awakening project, and highlight the revamped Buckle up, Explorers, as we dive into the Planetary Syndicates.

Before we proceed, remember that the Planetary Syndicates are independently operated by people just like you. Create your profile and begin your campaign for a Custodian position, or support your favorite candidate's agenda today.

Tables of contents

  1. Veles News
  2. Kavian News
  3. Naron News
  4. Eyeke News
  5. Neri News
  6. Magor News
  7. Community Spotlight
  8. Closing Thoughts

Veles News

image - 2023-11-16T061257.276.png


Put on your thinking caps, Explorers! Veles has allocated 200,000 Trilium to fund their new Think Tank initiative. This opportunity is open to all Alien Worlds players, encouraging creativity in generating ideas that could enhance the game. Whether it’s an innovative game concept, a useful community tool, or a novel feature for Mission Control, all ideas are welcome! Prizes will be awarded in two categories: one based on votes from the Mission Control Community, and another judged by the Mission Control team.

Veles' custodian Shrimp Baguette commented on this initiative, saying,

The Trilium Think Tank rewards players who actively want to work on and share ideas that they think would enrich or improve the experience in the metaverse. While not every player may possess the ability to bring an idea to life, documenting a detailed and thoroughly fleshed-out concept is an important initial step. And perhaps this will be the initial spark for some players to take the leap into metaverse construction.

To learn more, check out their announcement article or join the Veles Telegram group, operated by the community, to get involved.

Current Custodians



Kavian News

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Recently, Kavian allocated 250,000 Trilium for the development of a chat service. Initially, this service will focus on providing Custodians and MSIG holders with a platform to communicate safely, securely, and with moderation. While the completion of the project will necessitate an additional 4-8 proposals in the future, this initial funding will encompass chat support, management, and QA. To get involved and for further details on this project please join Kavian’s Telegram chat.

Current Custodians



Naron News

naron (3).png


Naron continues to support Mission Control, which is rapidly establishing itself as the go-to destination for everything related to Alien Worlds. The recent enhancements to Mission Control mean that the platform seamlessly integrates gameplay with strategic tools and quality-of-life improvements, further enriching the Alien Worlds Ecosystem.

For instance, the Tool Tactician allows players to swiftly calculate the potential Shards and Trilium they might accumulate per hour based on their tool setup during the previous week. Another nifty feature is the Mine Maximizer, designed specifically for players who utilize Trilium-focused Tools of higher rarities. It aids players in optimizing their mining results by pinpointing which planets currently offer the most mineable Trilium.

To dive into all the fantastic tools offered by Mission Control, including the newly added Adventures check out their website.

Current Custodians

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Eyeke News

eyeke (1).png


Eyeke's custodians have had a busy schedule recently. Not only did they establish the Eyeke Community Council, but they also hosted the Interplanetary Unconference. Amidst these activities, they have also been supporting the development of "Mercenary Battlegrounds," an upcoming Tower Defense game. This game promises to offer players building towers that come to life and battle against other players' towers. To get involved, join the community-created Eyeke Telegram group.

Current Custodians

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Neri News

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Since our last issue, Neri’s Custodians have been laser-focused on three projects.

  1. They continue to support ‘Deck of the Cosmos,’ a card battling game set within the Alien Worlds metaverse.

2.They are backing the OPPN initiative, designed to aid in the preservation of Neri.

  1. They remain committed to supporting the Monkey Detectives, a team of blockchain experts who identify malicious actors and share their findings with event organizers.

For more information on Neri’s latest initiatives and to get involved, join their community-created Telegram group.

Current Custodians

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Magor News

magor (1).png


Since our last issue, Magor’s Custodians have primarily focused on the development of five projects.

Arms Worlds: This game is currently in development and will allow players to use their Alien Worlds weapons within the game.

Lightning Works: They are developing an Alien Worlds-themed comic book. For more details, visit their website.

Trillium Quest: A 2D top-down game currently in the works. This game promises to feature RPG elements and riveting storylines. Stay updated with the latest news by visiting the Trillium Quest website.

Planetary Defense: Is an Alien Worlds themed game still in the early stages of development.

Future collaborations with NFT Panda: Historically, these events have enhanced the utility of Alien Worlds NFTs by incorporating them into thrilling competitions within NFT Panda. Visit the NFT Panda website for further information.

Current Custodians

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SU12 – Around the Metaverse

Community Spotlight

In this issue's community spotlight, we tip our hats to the newly revamped This site stands as the premier community-created destination for everything related to the Planetary Syndicates. The refreshed homepage now showcases the latest news, offering a platform for the community to disseminate information about upcoming events and gatherings. In addition, users can easily track the latest proposal details in a comprehensible format. This includes the status of every proposal made since the inception of the Planetary Syndicates a year ago. Additionally, accessing the most recent voting information is a breeze thanks to the navigation bar. As a testament to its credibility, all proposal images showcased in the Syndicate Underground are sourced directly from

Embark on your journey to Planetary Syndicate dominance by visiting today.

SU12 – Final Thoughts

Closing Thoughts

Alien Worlds offers a truly unique decentralized platform where players are more than mere participants; they're active stakeholders influencing both the present and future of the game. Whether you aim to create services, tools, games, or other platforms, the community stands ready to embrace and utilize them.

Developers, you can access our API toolkit here.

Innovators, breathe life into your project by applying for a Galactic Hubs grant today.

Thinkers, step into the Planetary Syndicates and propel your ideas to the forefront of the community.

If you need assistance with any of these endeavors, please visit our official Discord or Telegram channels.

That concludes this edition of the Syndicate Underground. Until our next journey, Explorers, take care of yourselves and each other.