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Syndicate Underground Issue #14

Welcome to the 14th edition of the Syndicate Underground! As explorers across the galaxy continue their journey into 2024, we're excited to share the latest happenings from the six Planetary Syndicates. Kavian is leading the way with its innovative Chinese community engagement program, aiming to enhance the Alien Worlds experience through customized content and interactive activities. In a groundbreaking collaboration, all six Planetary Syndicates, including Eyeke, have joined forces with Sci-fi luminary Kevin J Anderson to expand the lore of Alien Worlds. Eyeke, in its enthusiasm, has swiftly established the Lore Lab, a hub for fostering player-focused events and integrating this expanded lore.

Veles is stepping up its digital game with a significant contribution to, making planetary data more accessible than ever before. Naron is supporting 'Mercenary Battlegrounds', a Tower Defense style game that cleverly bridges traditional gaming with the innovative world of blockchain technology. Neri is ambitiously positioning Trilium on the global stage, targeting a centralized, regulated exchange listing to revolutionize access in over 30 European countries. Meanwhile, Magor is a hive of creativity, managing projects ranging from the MMORPG 'Trilium Quest' to an exciting comic series in collaboration with LightningWorks.

Though a bit belated, let's carry forward the spirit of renewal and optimism that the new year brings. Here's to a late but heartfelt wish for a fantastic 2024 to all Explorers! Let's celebrate these inspiring developments in the Syndicate Underground.

Tables of contents

  1. Veles News
  2. Kavian News
  3. Naron News
  4. Eyeke News
  5. Neri News
  6. Magor News
  7. Around the Metaverse
  8. Closing Thoughts

Veles News

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Veles recently earmarked 50,000 Trilium to support the newly revamped The custodians appreciate the website's usefulness and the easy access it provides to planetary data. contains community-written content, proposal news, staking information, current custodians, and a detailed log of all proposals across the six Planetary Syndicates. Check out today to stay informed.

Current Custodians

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Kavian News

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Kavian has recently approved a proposal for 250,000 Trilium, initiating a 10-week Chinese community engagement program for Alien Worlds. This initiative focuses on content creation and localized game support, among other aspects. Its primary objective is to boost engagement and expand the player base in the Chinese community. This will be achieved through language-specific game guides, regular events, online activities, in-game tasks, and community events. For more details, join the community-operated Chinese Telegram group.

Current Custodians

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Naron News

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Naron has recently allocated 100,000 Trilium to support the development of 'Mercenary Battlegrounds', a Tower Defense style game. First presented at the Interplanetary Unconference, the game is now in its early development stages.

Upon completion, 'Mercenary Battlegrounds' will be available on Steam. While the game will feature its own collection of items, players will also have the option to use Alien Worlds NFTs for unlocking additional items or buildings through staking.

Initially, players won't need a blockchain wallet to start playing. The game's design aims to introduce new players without prior blockchain experience to Alien Worlds and the WAX ecosystem in a simple and accessible manner. It will also offer enhanced features through WAX-based NFTs.

If fully funded, the project aims to release an early alpha version by early 2024. The total funding goal for the project is approximately 500,000 Trilium.

Those interested in the project can reach the team in their Telegram channel:


Current Custodians

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Eyeke News

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Following their recent support of the Tokenized lore proposal, in which a foundation for Alien Worlds lore was established in collaboration with esteemed Sci-fi author Kevin J Anderson, the Eyekes custodians wasted little time in expanding their lore horizons. They have created the Lore Lab, which will include a lore club focused on creating events for players, and a lore advisory council dedicated to supporting the creation and integration of lore.

Current Custodians

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Neri News

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Neri is supporting an initiative, backed by multiple Planetary Syndicates, to list Trilium on a centralized, regulated exchange. The plan involves approximately 20 proposals to garner the necessary support. This initiative partly aims to explore the possibility of listing the Trilium token on an existing, centralized, and regulated exchange. The selected exchange, potentially licensed in Switzerland, may facilitate OTC (over-the-counter) trades between cryptocurrencies and EUR and CHF. It is anticipated that users could be onboarded through bank wires, and the exchange might serve prospective users in over 30 European countries. Resources allocated for this proposal will partially support various activities related to introducing Trilium in the Swiss market, including research, marketing, and consulting fees. The tentative timeline for the token listing is around Q4 2023.

Current Custodians

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Magor News

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NeriProposals14 (2).png

Magor continues to support five exciting projects, including four games and a comic collaboration with LightningWorks. 'Trilium Quest', a MMORPG currently in development, is one of these projects. For more information, check out our recent article. 'NFT Panda', another notable project, has successfully run a series of collaborative events featuring Alien Worlds NFTs. To learn more about the current NFT Panda season, refer to their latest article on Medium.

Current Custodians

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SU12 – Around the Metaverse

Around the Metaverse

In this edition around the metaverse let's take a look at some of the ongoing activities that you can jump right into.

Egg Lands is the first game entirely based on Alien Worlds mining competitions. - Show your /last mine and get points based on the last 3 digits to win NFTs of Egg Lands or our collaborators - Level up with EXP Points to unlock new commands or try your luck and spend them all to try to win more NFTs - Complete /quests to earn additional rewards and win end-of-season prizes What are you waiting for? Sign up with their @LongEyeV2_bot and reach out on telegram:

Alien Edition covers all things Alien Worlds in their weekly livestreams. Hosted by Electra Eclipse and Vega Volcanica, brought to you in part by Kavian! Join them every week for the release of new episodes, exciting contests, NFT rewards and livestreams of Alien Worlds related content:

The Eyeke council group has something for everyone. Join the community council, write lore, participate in game development and much more. Join the group today:

Mission Control has a plethora of tools and adventures that are designed to enhance the mining experience of every Explorer. Check out the mine maximizer and join an adventure to earn a share of a rewards pool:

SU12 – Final Thoughts

Closing Thoughts

Every proposal showcased in this edition is brought to you by the community created and supported,, the go-to platform for all matters concerning the Planetary Syndicates.

Alien Worlds offers a truly unique decentralized platform where players are more than mere participants; they're active stakeholders influencing both the present and future of the game. Whether you aim to create services, tools, games, or other platforms, the community stands ready to embrace and utilize them.

Developers, you can access our API toolkit here.

Innovators, breathe life into your project by applying for a Galactic Hubs grant today.

Leaders, step into the Planetary Syndicates and propel your ideas to the forefront of the community.

If you need assistance with any of these endeavors, please visit our official Discord or Telegram channels.

That concludes this edition of the Syndicate Underground. Until our next journey, Explorers, take care of yourselves and each other.