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Tokenized Lore Series 2: The Altans

A note from the Alien Worlds Loremasters: The Altans have been designed and released as the successor race to the Greys, and form part of a comprehensive revamp of Alien Worlds races to allow for richer and more unique storytelling and lore creation opportunities. Particular elements of the original lore remain, including the Monastic sect of Altans on the planet of Eyeke who specialize in the creation of powerful weaponry through a process known as biometal forgemastery.

Introducing the Altans

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The Altans are the most advanced Federation race. They were the apex species on a utopian planet with no competitive pressures. This allowed them to focus on developing their minds, and look towards the greater goal of understanding the universe. They evolved in harmony with nature, developing a deep scientific knowledge of organic structures down to the microscopic level, seeing this as the key to understanding the greater whole.

They are typically tall and willowy with large, top-heavy ovoid heads, slightly enlarged eyes with acute vision, and delicate, elongated fingers that allow them to work with incredible precision. They are not a powerfully muscular species, owing to the fact that they never had to compete physically with other organisms on their home planet.

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Altan society is hierarchical in nature, with individual status indicated by the complexity and visible display of operational Triactor technology. Altans of lower status typically wear more concealing clothing than their higher peers, with the most powerful Altans wearing clothing that is more ritualistic in nature and conceals very little of their genetically enhanced bodies.

Triactor-derived head paraphernalia are incredibly popular amongst Altans - with a wide variety of designs ranging from commonplace to unique and unusual - and are believed to enhance one or more of their basic senses in addition to their naturally powerful intellect. The complexity of these head adornments is perhaps the most visible marker of status among Altans.

Various other facets of Altan fashion are an homage to their reserved culture and penchant for maintaining an appreciable area of personal space, including such dress items as long-sleeved gloves or gauntlets with large protrusions - particularly near the elbow - that emphasize the notion that they are not to be approached too closely.

Altan Architecture

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Altan cities are comprised primarily of massive structures with a large amount of open, green space. The buildings combine overarching organic curves with intricate detailing, typically conforming to one or more of three primary shapes: arch, leaf & triangle.

They are capable of constructing their settlements on any terrain, easily adapting the buildings and layouts to suit the location without compromising the fundamental facets of their architectural style. Visitors to Altan cities are often left in awe of the architectural prowess on display, marveling at their ability to create gargantuan monuments whilst maintaining a sense of harmony with the natural surroundings.

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The central interior spaces of most buildings are open to all and convey a feeling of vastness with incredibly high ceilings, whilst private living areas are located off these main atria. Altans typically mingle with each other and members of other races in these central spaces, with their personal dwellings being off limits to all but their closest family and allies.

Altan technology is semi-organic in nature and integrated seamlessly into all of their buildings, with heavy emphasis being placed upon complex functionality without compromising the flowing elegance of their architecture.

Altan Vehicles

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The Altans have mastered the power of flight and interstellar travel, and as such no longer both with ground vehicles at all. They largely utilize their ships as a means of transport or remote scientific enquiry, dedicating very few to combat-centric roles. All of their vessels have a semi-organic structure with smooth, seamless paneling, and range in size from tiny, short range personal transports, to gargantuan interstellar freighters and city-sized orbital platforms.

There is a great deal of visual variety across Altan vehicles in terms of shape, though they all possess common factors that make them readily distinguishable from the craft of other races. Perhaps the highest level of variation is seen amongst personal transports, with Altans creating unique chassis as symbols of fashion and status.

Altan craft img 2.png

They possess the skill and capacity to build space-faring vessels of a size no other Federation race - bar the Lopati, whose mastery of ship-building rivals that of the Altans - is capable of reliably matching, owing to the fact that they were the first known race to begin large-scale exploration and colonization of the cosmos, branching out from Alta in search of new sources of Trilium.

Altans feel a strong sense of security when it comes to the advanced state of their technology compared to other races, and thus commit few of their resources to arming their vessels. This of course does not mean they lack any military fleet at all, though Altan warships remain an incredibly rare sight within the Federation’s borders.