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_Your Game’s New Home: Up to $50,000 Grants for Alien Worlds Expansion

Navigating the game development landscape presents its own set of challenges, from limited resources and standing out in a saturated market to balancing creativity with monetization. Recognizing these hurdles, we are offering an exciting opportunity for game developers: a grant of up to $50,000 to integrate their games into the Alien Worlds metaverse. This is an open call to breathe new life into incredible games and find their 'forever home' within our ecosystem.

A Vibrant Community Awaits

Introducing your game to the Alien Worlds metaverse means integrating it into an active community of players eager for new adventures. We're seeking indie game developers who are ready to intertwine Alien Worlds lore with their gameplay and integrate Alien Worlds NFTs, offering a fresh, creative twist to existing games.

Elevating Your Game with Trilium

Integrating your game into the Alien Worlds ecosystem offers a unique advantage: leveraging the existing flows of Trilium (TLM), the fungible token of Alien Worlds, to enhance player engagement and competitive spirit. By incorporating Trilium, game developers can connect their tournaments directly to the Alien Worlds economy. Top-scoring players are awarded Trilium through a smart contract, weaving an exciting layer of competition into your game.

This strategic use of Trilium as rewards for players is designed to dramatically increase player interest. The competitive element it introduces encourages players to engage more deeply and consistently, helping to build and maintain a strong player base. For game developers, it's a direct line to enhancing the game's profitability. Attracting and retaining players boosts the bottom line by increasing sales of in-game items.

Developers can also receive Trilium to cover ongoing operational costs such as server maintenance, content updates, and community management, ensuring the game remains sustainable. These resources are made available to ensure the game's long-term competitiveness and engagement.

Official Recognition and Beyond

Games that make their way into our metaverse benefit from official recognition by being listed in the Alien Worlds 'Arena' — the official portal for games within Alien Worlds. Being featured in the Arena comes with access to a reserved pool of Trilium stipends. These stipends are designed to support games listed on the platform, providing developers with incentives to maintain and enhance their presence within the community. The Arena not only boosts your game's visibility but also encourages developers to remain active and relevant in the Alien Worlds ecosystem.

Sought-After Genres

We're looking for games in the following genres to enrich the Alien Worlds metaverse:

Berzerk: Navigate mazes, outsmart robots, and score points efficiently. Think Berzerk or Robot Labyrinth for inspiration.

Endless Runner: Keep running, dodging, and jumping to escape. Games like Canabalt, Subway Surfers, Minion Rush, and Sonic Dash are perfect examples.

Gallery Shooter: Aim and shoot in fast-paced action scenes. Alien 3, COPS, and Crime Patrol serve as reference points.

Never Ending Dungeon: Explore dungeons, combat monsters, and discover treasure. Titles such as Shiren the Wanderer 1 and 2, Ultimate Dungeon, and Endless Dungeon are what we're looking for.

Fallout 3 Hacking: Crack codes within a time limit in this word puzzle game. Inspired by Mastermind, Hangman, and Scrabble.

Autochess: Strategize and predict game configurations to witness the outcomes. Reference WoW: Auto Chess and DOTA.

Tower Defense: Build and upgrade towers to defend against enemy waves. Desktop TD, Bloons series, Kingdom Rush, GemCraft, and Plants vs. Zombies are our inspirations.

Join Our Ecosystem

Alien Worlds offers more than just a platform for your game; it provides a doorway to a world where your creativity can flourish among a welcoming and engaged community. By integrating your game into our ecosystem, you tap into a lore-rich universe, engage with one of the largest gaming communities in web3, and enjoy the benefits of community-led Intellectual Property.

Apply Now

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