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_Alien Worlds Syndicates

Join a Syndicate and take control of the Fortunes of Alien Worlds.


_decentralized autonomous organizations

Syndicates are the foundation of the Alien Worlds Metaverse. They are decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) powered by blockchain technology. A DAO is a way for people to organize and manage digital asset treasuries. Think of a DAO like a guild or clan. Members of the DAO elect custodians have permission to manage the digital goods the DAO controls.

    Infinite Possibilities

    Anything can be proposed to Syndicate Councilors. Syndicates can build their own Alien Worlds mini-games, organize community events, and expand the Alien Worlds metaverse in any way they choose.

    Compete for
galactic control

    Syndicates can compete on a grand scale that individuals cannot do alone. The greatest rewards in the galaxy await.

    PLOt the future of alien worlds

    Syndicates will play a vital role in how Alien Worlds evolves over time. What will you build?