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The Holoform Mystery

_Increasing the Syndicate Treasuries The Holoform Mystery

The contest revolves around a simple target: When the staked Trilium across the six Planets increases to 42,000,000 or approximately a 30% increase, the Syndicates’ treasury drip rate will increase from its current 2% to 4%.

Alien Worlds

_Alien Worlds Master the Metaverse

Alien Worlds is a Metaverse built by its community. Collect and play with NFTs, build with the Planetary Syndicates, and more!

NFTs S2 – Emergence

_NFTs Series 2, Emergence Outpost Unveils Powerful New Tools

The mint race heats up with the release of ten new Tool NFTs, available in the Outpost.

_Attention landowners! MEGA Boost & SUPER Boost NFTs


NFT Outpost 16


Throughout the summer the Outpost has offered a fantastic variety of Alien Worlds NFTs for savvy Explorers to acquire for their personal collections...

_Galactic Hubs Pioneer Grants

Submit Your Pioneer Grant Application to Galactic Hubs Now!

_Now Live Join A Planetary Syndicate

Built on DAO technology, Planetary Syndicates have vast treasuries at their disposal to expand Alien Worlds.

_Built by the Community

Alien Worlds is a built by Explorers like you. Here's what members of the community are building, hosting, and playing!


Battledome banner

Season two of the Battledome is live! Earn weekly rewards and compete for your share of newly added Trilium prizes!

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Mission Control

Mission Control banner

Mission control is a weekly quest game where players earn a portion of a Trilium prize pool for participating.

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JR's Lands

JRs Lands banner

Mine on Jr's lands and earn NFTs in this ongoing circus themed event. The first 10 players to mine each hour get a free NFT!

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ZOS & Alien Worlds

Zombie Outbreak banner

Play with Alien Worlds NFTs in this zombie survival game! Complete supply runs as sa a team or on your own if you can.

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Ether Converter – Legendary
Shiny Explosive Common Gold
Certified Kol Digger Common Gold
Cymatic Saw Common Gold
Dusty Extractor Common Gold
Plasmatic Extractor Common Gold

_Collect and Play with NFTs

Alien Worlds NFTs can be used to build games, applications, events, and experiences. Kickstart your collection of NFTs to get started!

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    The fungible token that powers Alien Worlds

  • 2

    NFT Items

    Earn NFT items to help you navigate the metaverse. You can collect exotic avatars, weapons, tools, and more

  • 3

    Virtual Land

    Only 3,343 land NFTs were created. Earn TLM everytime Explorers mine on your land!

_Galactic Hubs

Galactic Hubs provides grant funding year round to capable teams to build Alien Worlds games, tools, events, and more!

Submit your application to build in Alien Worlds today!

    _Need Help?

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    _Alien Worlds is a Founding Member of OMA3

    OMA3™ is a collaboration of Web3 metaverse platform creators that ensures virtual land, digital assets, ideas, and services are highly interoperable and transparent. OMA3™ is open to all Web3 metaverse builders.